hello, once through the mist

HelloOnce through the mist of forgetfulness, I return to you. Sending old dreams of pain to where they will remain. Huddled against the night, till we see your light. Here, amid what remains, you remain the same. I thank you. Gambling on wants returned us empty. Returned us to days of longing who’s hours are […]

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Hello, deep in your

HelloDeep in your word, exploring your ways; yes, it’s me again. Sifting through Noah’s charge. Looking for my Arc to build. Reading, rereading your messages here-in. I thank you. This lesson you prepare. I my heart to share here. Began at civilizations birth. The truth, before then. I thank you. As she cuddles my pillow. […]

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Hello, huddled with my 

HelloHuddled with my love under a blood red moon, it’s me again. Well, it’s really us. As aloud we thank you for another glorious day. For the coolness of the hour, your glorious healing power. I thank you. Yes, we thank you. For what we have yet to receive. For things and trials yet begun. […]

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hello, thinking thoughts of her

HelloThinking thoughts of her, I return to you, yes I’m back. Two weeks from today, under a surgeons skilled blade she’ll lay. Waiting the return of what cancer did take and burn. Her heart is with you now, stubborn and proud. I thank you. Pride not in self, but reliance in yourself. Stubborn, not for […]

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Hello,  in The present

HelloIn the present darkness seeking sleep before the dawn, it’s me again. Filled with anxieties self enriched and retreaded worries. Fumbling in the dark for the switch to disengage thoughts. Grumbling, stumbling, till your hand flips the switch. I thank you. Often, I forget to ask your help. Seeking my own solutions so self evident. […]

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Hello, amid the plastic

HelloAmid the plastic and chemical smells of gowns and whispered tells, it’s me again. Handling questions and answers the same, it’s like a game. No one wins when we choose, to refuse the treatments they use. Defeating cancer bring the pains, relieves the body of flesh with which we came. I thank you. Yes for […]

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Hello, growing still

HelloGrowing still in hopes sleep will find us, its me again. Tired from doing nothing, while watching everything. Passing between worry and blessings. Yearning to simply sit with my love, singing, praying and crying your praise. I thank you. Still, silently, seeking rest. It fails to often to make our night the best. Yet, we […]

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Hello, listening to

HelloListening to explanations and understanding risks, It’s me. It’s me who seeks your will as she sits here waiting. Asking questions on you can answer. Elated the cancers defeated, though anxious a surgery of reconstruction approaches. I thank you. Holding Octobers promise is that of a new beginning. Her strength grows, but the worry shows. […]

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Hello, waiting in an empty room

HelloIn an empty room full of chairs, filling with faces and their longing stares, it’s me again. Understanding others healthful wants, as we linger, for treatments never sought. Questions in time, each set of eyes filled with the same wondering rhyme. Here, in an empty room, quite as a stone tomb.  I thank you. Answers […]

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Hello, angry

HelloAngry, for unknown reasons, stewing on another season, It’s me again. Never quite sure till the fire fills my heart. Then in the ensuing moments casting off anxieties fears, realty returns. Once again, this world, inserted its desires and depressing thoughts into my head. I thank you. Seems, no matter how focused I become, evil, […]

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