Grateful for a moment.Blessed by her smile. Caring for her needs.. Not treating my love like a child. Standing along side, my own pain I hide. Grateful for a moment. Blessed by her smile. Loving challenges we together approach. Her love I never have to coax. Haunted silently by her needs I cannot feed. Grateful […]

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Hungry and alone. Child far from home. Clambering for hope. Struggling just to cope. Angry and afraid. Wishing home you’d stayed. Destitute and defeated,  Unjustly demonized,  grumbling and patronized. Hungry and alone. Child far from home. WAManning©2016

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Amber and gold fingers flicking warm embers into the night air. Gathered after dusk’s hours they sit and stare at he. Sadness and confusion filling his tired face. I ask, why are you here, warming in this place. Looking afraid, tears filling raw eyes his words only try. You were with him, and the others […]

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Not again

Not again  Heart cries, not again, hates claws rending before it can mend. Je suis Bruxelles, we call, not long after San Bernardino’s fall. Not again, calls this soul, as Evil attacks innocence in the Paris Night. Fight, this unholy scourge, purge this hate before the next dirge. Not again, as peace dies, ruins clog […]

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Not once do the beasts unshod hooves reach stone or sand.Burdened by his master for the princely task at hand. Clamoring throngs on needy and willing seek his audience. Waving green fronds, placing them before beast and this son of man. Journey nearly complete as this pair strode through Jerusalem’s streets. From accolades to accusations […]

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Social post

Regarding your message, left for me.I hear it’s meaning, I now see. Words from your heart, here hope starts. Part for today, others along the way. Left on pages, defined by times sages. Still for me, you left this message for all to see. Regarding your message, left for me. I’m still reading what I […]

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I will go

From dreams, within nightmares, my path calls.Once feared, now cheered these feet in new forests will fall. Fall along a trail of faith to Hells gates at Lake Nyos caustic shores. A new people to love and live among, this dream leads me on. Here to share Christ’s words, with those who’ve never heard. Peace […]

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