Squealing bagpipes

Squealing call of bagpipes reverberates in my head.Listening to their call, for the dead here in our land.

Seeing Paris’ pain near my home, it’s not the same.

Hurting for these, seeking a moments peace.

Denying evils victory, we continue in harmony.

Cautious it’s true, as we watch, and evils few.

Hate hides in hearts of all, only these give into its call.

Pushed it seems by foreign dreams, lives ripped at the seams.

Here, hearing angers call, enjoying these Liberty you stole.

Taking it back, my heart commands, fight this hate from woman and man.

Perched between these worlds, as pipes pitch a funeral dirge.

Watching, from my ring side seat, an end of days, and evils defeat.

Continuously piping Grace so amazing, squeezing breath from life’s dreams.

Playing out hopes purged in another’s nightmares it seems.

Finale victory is Christ’s, regardless your doubt, this isn’t even the first bought.

Stand firm, stand together remembering faith is more than a tether.

Take my hand, for these in memory stand, against those who hate freedoms land.


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