What’s wrong

Subtle beats reverberate from my head to these shaking feet.. What’s wrong…. Shimmering In a sweat, unable to focus, I fret… What’s wrong… Pounding the beat fills my ears with head throbbing treat, Hell composed… What’s wrong…. Breath comes quickly, then not at all a weight on this chest falls… What’s wrong… Unable to tell […]

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Living wage

These hands burgers have flipped, shells stuffed and salads cut.. Each job just a stepping stone, to grow from home, not a fast food career for years… A living wage, for learned trades, I celebrate not berate, think though of what you propose.. Long term drive through help, fifteen dollars an hour, heavy your shake […]

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Still here in the darkness, fearing he light, comfort taken in this night.. Not knowing between dawn and dust is the hope in which we are to trust… Trembling as each ray peeks through the bars of my world, tears fall…. A voice into my cell, seeks my reply, between the sobs I call.. Who […]

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Prague Spring

August 21, 1968 Just as dreams flourish in slumbering minds Prague awakens in a nightmare… Months of peaceful discourse, open rebuttal and smile solutions end… A mighty hammer falls, subjugating a people,before the great sickle reaps freedoms chords… No longer a mighty bear beats a straining chest to reign in a soviet satellite… Good, in […]

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Out of Egypt

Out of Egypt are we fled, with but cloth to cover our head… Into nights welcome embrace, leaving the desert to cover our race.. Born on many souls, the hearts of nations foes… Now from afar, we watch home burn on hates altar… Returning we must, in a people too trust…. Growing a great state […]

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Unmentionable hour

At some unmentionable hour, sleeps power is negated, and this bed relegated in its unmanageable state, Deprived of precious hours, wrapped in slumbers showers of dreams inexplicable events, still desired, I will not then sleep berate… Only now I call, unrested, angry at beds denial my slumber to continue, I seek nights peace in another […]

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Egyptian brothers

Scattering as quail, before angry shots, each running Hell’s growing hot… Simmering strife against the night, trailing crimson life through Tahrir’s roaring fight… Across a square they tread, seeking liberty, receiving only dread… United in effort, misguided, by fools led, men given not liberty ending up dead… Tangible efforts sworn to by rights, earned in […]

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