Hello, hammering out a Responce

Hello Hammering out a responce to this world I return to you. Filling this day with your praises. Filling this night with your peace. Seeking your healing touch for my wife our friend. I thank you Straining for confirmation of each choice. Struggling to use your words with my voice. Surging into new and old […]

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Hello, yesterday firmly entrenched

Hello Yesterday firmly entrenched in my memory I return to you. Tomorrow comes without fear, today swarms to a close. Futures present trepidations lays heavy demands on this heart Now, in hours of reflection, minutes of decisions we cannot falter. I thank you Yes, for the steps along jagged ridges along bottomless pits. Yes, for […]

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I studied

I studied your words. I studied your ways. I studied others following both. I studied those who don’t. I studied my life. I studied yours too. I studied this world. I studied heavens realm. I studied and learned. I studied to say. I studied to be. I studied to become. I studied to join. I […]

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Hello, from a home

Hello From a home filled with great love, to you I return. Praying through the pains a friend finds in cancers new run. Crying for the frustrations and fears a families found. Praise for your healing and the love which surrounds. I thank you Weary from this journey another we undertake. Unable to sleep fearing […]

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Reading the fear

Reading the fear in your lines, tears in these tired eyes find. For the ones who deeply care, helpless and hurting, watching struggling with despair. There, standing still, for these I write, of passions, poisons and perils to fight. End each session anxiously the next await, with prayer and faith for sanities sake. I understand […]

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Hello, hearing a tired call

Hello Hearing a tired call for your healing i return to you. Hands pressed tightly, chasing away the mornings fright. Giving you all, before the physician makes his call. Blessed to know and understand you have a plan. I thank you No man should fear tomorrow’s arrival. No woman should plan further than today. No […]

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