A willing Heart

A willing Heart is never stilled. Even in death in others is its beating hope shared. So it is with you my friend. A giant of a man in so many ways. In Gods hands you now stand as our prayers for each other as family grow grand. David Smith, you motor goes cold, but […]

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Veterans Day

Empty stomachs growling cadence as foot falls squish through jungled trails. Hurting, hoping, haunted they return from dunes, hills and hollows. Pledged they are to seek afar the freedoms often taken for granted. Willingly lead, many now dead as they walk still among us. Why they serve, for those who do not deserve a single […]

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Better voting choices

Weighted is the heart tied to events now passed. Hope filled longings for what was not to be, saddened others and anguished me. Why in the chaos of self bred corruption an electorate refuses to find in its midst candidates worthy of leadership and not just unmitigated rhetoric, continuos to confound logic. Unless as my […]

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