Known you better

I wanted to know you better. Listening as choices revealed your life. Hearing failures and their plights. How hope filled empty nights. Yes, witness your face’s collections. Eyes wide in search,  mouth with responses perched. See the furrows of time unfold,  as we each grow old. I wanted to know you better. What justified anger […]

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This pew

Too often this wooden pew I’ve held.Listened, of loved one’s others tell. Again it comes, like distant thunder. Shaking my heart, bringing tears and wonder. How far this heart fell, before it recovers. Watching others over this person hover. Not there, not there my heart cries out. Soulless, body of memories remains, I shout. Unheard, […]

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Hard has time been on these memories you live within. Stinging the ears of a grandson, bitter tastes each one. Understanding grows, for each revelation better you I sow. Living as best we can, struggling with desires demons, and their friends. Learning, with each burning need, where help, hope can seed. Cascading reasons through decades […]

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Dragon poem pt 6

Satan’s Breath (pt5)Glowing spires of humanities remains,  claimed before, this hell they came. Spotted by time,  roasted over civilizations coals,  hurting for old crimes. Men, and women resting in this den,  relinquishing their rights for mortal sin. Amber, yellow glow her eyes, not with gold,  but restoring earth before she dies. Envy crowns her cherry […]

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Even the rain stops

You say, I cannot understand your pain, but, I have seen it rain, and I known from where it came. No, it’s not the same, but even the rain stops. Sharing the hurt, may not end the pain,  But it’s a start, open up your heart. See where your feelings go, if they grow, how can […]

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Sparing verbally

Aspiring to carry your favor my hands offered you assistance from a distance. Dialing in to share my day, to listen and learn of yours I would pray. Hours on the phone, letters, carriers retrieved and delivered to your home. Passion played its role, but our faith prevented its mental toll. Words shared, understanding how […]

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Post cancer visit

Passions pregnant pause, revealing a heart rending little clause.To have and to hold, so bold, until death do us part, sad heart. Between visits, the pain recalled, of this war, and cancers fall. Graphic battles of will, giving great warriors a chill. Strength fades, fear invades, hope stands still, praying to heal. Who before and […]

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satan’s Breath (pt4)

Satan’s Breath (pt4) Floundering in this turpid sea in which I’ve slipped,  loathing its caustic taste on my lips. Entangled in a mesh of rotting flesh, this frothing mess, it’s stench I detested. Swimming, slugging, struggling underneath,  the battle with the beast. Furies fires above reveal my world beneath,  as an exit I seek, hope […]

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Lazarus knows

Lazarus knows, he’s seen what’s in store, Lazarus knows. When in the tomb Jesus they placed, his body hurriedly with little grace. The apostles, hurried, harried and cried, for to them Jesus had died. On him much promise they’d placed, now laying him in this place. Lazarus knows, looking at heaven from graveside, Lazarus knows. […]

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Good friday

FridayIt was the me, I was the one, but should I die for this sin? Why should I go, is there not another greater, for them to show? Winning about your punishment on makes it worse. Stand and take it like a man, are you adverse to accepting your guilt. No it is not the […]

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