Taking your call

There is some mental illness wafting through the air, that is destroying the brains that remain here… Ask me how I know, those who call me the ailment show, again and again the numbers grow…… Anger unmeasured, vocabulary unfettered, crying for news ears for a while their fears better… This number they hold, since we […]

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Silent Silent grows the form.. Loves beat, breath, the final refrain… Left here in pain.. Unable to avoid fears chilling rain… Waiting for on last word.. Recognition in a final smile… Eyes linger on this face a little while… In faith, a soul the final race.. Our love in Christ placed… Though for a time […]

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Too work

Musically pulled from slumber, through a darkened home to stumble.. Still another day, off to work I pray.. Each word I share, each deed I dare, reflects Christ’s influence in my life… so off I go, leaving my sleeping wife, to cover a days new strife… WAM

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Happy birthday

Our lives are reflected in the images we see. Recalling moments, places and events, with sadness, wonder and joy. Each life is punctuated by one day, when you first breathed new love into this world… happy birthday my friend..WAM

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Playing ball

Greying strands trace the ages across this creased brow… Fingers deftly return these wind blown few to under a fading crown… Royal letters crying from soiled seams atop a bowed head… Beneath a pocket creased bill eyes beaming with wonder appear.. One last time, for a faltering team his voice cheers… Victory, it seems so […]

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A political quandary

Tempered the response in a measured approach.. Questions sought answers bought… Can never another know another’s heart… Appearing deceptive in misguided world… A politician’s elected a no statesman is sold… Finding one while not in search of the other… Where do you stand on sitting within… Shall I begin again, vote not on men… This […]

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