Rented hour

Rented is this hour.With all its charms and power. From the day. Benefitting the night. Rented is this hour. Caustic minutes flying. The sacred time is dying. Regurgitating it’s magic, so tragic. Rented is this hour. Returning it with limited power. Unused are the calming seconds. Spinning here, time is relentless. Rented is this hour. […]

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So absurd

Thinking about where I was when I heard.What was happening when the world changed. Wondering how it was before I knew. Recalling all the events that brought us to here. Then, it happened again, thoughts carried out by evil men. Women praising this war they are raising. Veiled in their ignorance of opportunities in freedoms […]

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It’s begun

Echoes of gunfire, cries of carnage, night holds no rest.It’s begun. Calloused hearts repeating angry retorts, both words and lead firing. It’s begun. Security’s just a word for neighbors huddled against violence so absurd. It’s begun. Regardless the city or state, another’s fear, we see the same fate. It’s begun. As day releases hope to […]

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WedgeWith each angry post. Within each nasty joke. Wedging us from our hearts. Wresting our souls from the start. Wicked men plant the seeds. Weary families reap the deeds. Wanting warriors pride. Wrangling evils ride. We the willing. Waiting for the undeserving Wandering if hate will succeed. Wedging between our hope and needs. Whimpering we […]

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For you on this Thanksgiving–  Thankful   In crimson streets, as Darkness our day into night beats. I am thankful for you. As men deny hope, relegating the less fortunate to cope. I am Thankful for you. Along crumbling paths, with faithful filled with wrath. I am thankful for you. Lives forfeit for fools beliefs, […]

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RefugeeAngry Seas regurgitating humanity on these shores for all to see. Forlorn foreign forests shedding waifs, like golden fall leaves, on this land. Violence filled eddies of wind sifting the remnants of man who here finally stand. Regardless the process, enduring the journey, finding home, people here hurry Enduring evils onslaught, generations find this home […]

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HelloDeafened by this silence that too often fills this heart, I return to you. It’s me again, struggling between the beginning and an end. Sharing our desires as we see yours unfolding. Stillness rings with unforgettable loss, then I remember your cost. I thank you. When standing so frightfully alone in my thoughts you roam. […]

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Hello once again

HelloOnce again in a familiar waiting room, I return to you. Yes, it’s me again, waiting for her doctors review and blessing. Too often these walls and windows have help this form. Seeing, hearing others here, answering Cancers call. I thank you. As she returns Less to this place of pain and healing. One does […]

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Ring side seat

Into the hall where citizens call on leaders for needs.Mindless of others needs he walked in, pulled a pistol and his life, he ends. Stunned, to shocked to cry, sitting in this ring side seat for the worlds demise I sigh. I cannot disguise my shock as stranger events unfold, my concern’s restocked. Sipping red […]

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Flaming regrets

Flaming regrets in small glasses of wax.Memories and fears to stone and street affixed. All that remains of happier times for some seeking reasons why. Boots, bullets and screams, as tires screech and blasts end dreams. Remaining, remorseful and longing for yesterday, lights dim today. Bend, bruised and bloodied, a nation, a world is troubled. […]

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