hello, enamored with her

HelloEnamored with her growing confidence, I return to you. Simply in awe at her improving health. Though, shouldn’t be, for your actions I see in her and me. If others could only know this love we share. I thank you. Once, in night’s fear filled and frustrated, clinging to you I found. Found what was […]

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stalled by angers trace

Stalled by angers trace.Through plains thoughts, i race.  Pondering questions unfathomable, I brace. Fielding frustrations angry mace. Forgotten in times infernal chase. Stubbornly seeking liberties face. Till in faith, Christ, I embrace. No longer stalled by angers trace. Quickening my choice, ending fate. From before I was born, he knew this date. For you, it’s […]

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Hello, hampered in self denial

HelloHampered in self denial, I return to you. Avoiding prides pitfalls I fall prey to self effacement. When most my love needs my adulation and affirmation. Kneeling, your guidance sought, your will accepted, to her I return. I thank you. Never has this walk been more difficult than now. Regardless the struggle created in my […]

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Wanting to be

Wanting to be a father, though unprepared, here I stand. Wanting to share your life, lost in a world all my own, here I stand. Wanting to show you this place, unable to wrest you from another, here I stand. Wanting to give you fatherly things, distance and deceit denied us, here I stand. Wanting […]

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Daddy, I know you hear me

Daddy, I know you hear me in your room.I’m sorry for the things I did and didn’t do. When you asked if I’d done the task. When you told me it would be the last. When you stopped talking, then I cried. Daddy, I know you hear me in your room. I’m sad for all […]

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