Hello, at the well

HelloAt the well, I’m waiting, and wanting…and, willing, I’ve returned to you. Feet from disasters of my own making. Your incredible heart breaking. With a slight nudge, from the precipice, my life turned. I thank you. Will there be more damage to my heart. Yes. Will there be healing in my chest. Yes. I thank […]

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hello, in a room

HelloIn a room, filled with want, waiting to be called, I return to you. Elated with a new birth, watching others preparing to leave this earth. Alpha and Omega. No end in sight, though onward we fight. I thank you. What night claims from day, is hope. Evil struggles in the light. Faithful people, hand […]

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Hello, stranded along 

HelloStranded along a well worn path, void of travelers, I return to you. Listening the roar of passing traffic, filled with adventuresome souls. Wondering, where you will take me, if I’m able to go. Bent under times burdens, call used by the journeys failings, still. I thank you. Not for what I was, but can […]

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Hello, wanting to know which

HelloWanting to know which of these two roads my toes should take, I’ve returned to you. Knowing, both your guidance and this faith, the road I take, will be the right one. Two roads two choices, my friend called to me, we shall see. Is this life a fairytale of Grimm nature, or a fantasy […]

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Hello, mistaking horror for fear

HelloMistaking horror for fear as evil takes liberties here, quickly I return to you. As my love focuses on her next battle, recovering from breast cancers war. As we watch friends and families, juggling with trials beating down their doors. My heart, broken, as deaths ravaging hand, strikes down innocents across this land. I thank […]

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Nine days

In nine days, the war began.Those who desired hate, committed mortal sin. For darkness sake, seven lives they did take. Cold calculated, Satin’s kin. The war began, on the protectors of men. Dragged to death, shot from behind, willingly it did begin. Stand with us, show these you care, if you dare. Who protects the […]

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Tonight.In my prayers, I’ll talk to him of you. Telling him, what he already knows of you. Asking his peace for you. Seeking his wisdom for you. As I seek for my self. Then, as I say good night. He’ll tell me in his own way. That you prayed. You talked with him. About your […]

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