Backing the uniform

Uniformed hearts protected by a shield.Men, women daring to protect us from evils zeal. Before tear filled eyes, their faces pass. Laying it on the line for those who never asked. Thankful, hopeful as shift end, home you’ll return. For your service our thanks you’ve more than earned.  WAManning

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Damascus My brother and I were with him in Jerusalem. As he spoke from the crowd insisting they move. We stood with the many as held held cloaks for the few. Bravely the cast one then another, till life fled. Yes, I’ll testify he sought warrants for others. We cheered his actions, he chose us […]

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Thank you mom

Staring back at me.Hearing words you’ve yet to say. Anguish in the darkness. An empty room. Hours waiting here. Calling, till fingers fail to find numbers. Days without report. Wounded, fearing the worst. Recognizing, I’ve survived. Seeing achievements mount. Failures and success adding to life. All the strife. Here, looking through tears. Staring back at […]

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Long grows this week of my life.Long with sickness not strife. Long are the hours bathed in fevers sweat. Long struggles to this week forget. Long from strengths window I climbed. Long to regain the hope of my prime. Long I stand as the heat grows within. Long to breath free and work again. Long […]

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So long ago

So long ago, pressed into a rolling chair.Pulled from childhood, at others to stare.  Why lord do you have me here? I heard, Patience, see what will be. Again I Found myself languishing in pain. This world seemingly against me, again. Why lord do you have me here? I heard, Patience, see what will be. […]

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No longer

The night that no one is there.When no one comes to the door. When no one cares for the poor. Then you will know. Faith’s seeds can no longer be sown. Night will claim the days. Our souls eternity will pay. Until that day, Pray. WAManning

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Standing beside

Standing beside my bed.Startled awake from noises in my head. Are they real these threats I see? Will each continue to trouble me. How can I know? Can I these terrors ever outgrow? Awake in the darkness. The light of day I dread. From these terrors hope fled. Sweating crimson, life’s waters I tread. Standing […]

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