hello, learning together

Hello Learning together time’s not right for her rebuilding, i return to you. hard come the words, but we understand though tears we agree. It is not for now to be, months of healing and we will see. Her time is not now, but we know how, and who will soon do. I thank you […]

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Hello, pained by self doubt

Hello Pained by self doubt and foolishly following money, not your will, I’m back. As her cancer fears fade, as reconstruction looms, we walk an unsteady path. In a prayer, breathing for relief in your peace, hands guiding us revealing our trials. You, before us, stand reminding us, faith is the only plan, then smile. […]

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Yes, tested

Yes, tested is this soul. Hammered on humilities anvil. Smelted in temptations furnace. Burning away sins fears. Sifting frustration with tears. Yes, tested is this soul. WAManning

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Hello, under the watchful eyes

Hello Under the watchful eyes of lightning filled skies I return to,you. In awe of this storm which swirls and swells between old and new norms. Awash in your wind ravaging change, reveling in each beginning new game of hope tamed. Stilled by your humbling breath, settled in a place, longings quenched. I thank you. […]

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Hello, witnessing strains in life

Hello Witnessing strains in life’s ongoing chain, I return to you. Once I called on you, in arrogance and selfishness. Expecting unearned, release from anger and frustration, only to realize… Realize, your grace, is sufficient, and unearnable. I thank you What I could not expect is this live from you I still get. Regardless my […]

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