Vivid dreams

So vivid comes this dream that shaking I awaken.Walking from my bed in a sweat as I seek the nights vision. Words tumbling from my heart fill pages with wonder and fear. Fear for the feelings I cannot explain yet the reasons are the same. In my night come these thoughts of a life I’ve […]

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I traveled here 

I traveled here to tell you of a friend. Her life ended, so suddenly.  But when I arrived, I found she was not gone. In the walks around her home. In the faces as I roamed. Her voice fills my heart and head. How then can you write an obituary about one who’s not gone. When […]

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Happy birthday

Again your birthday arrives, with songs and well wishes. Absent are these from your ears, That from afar seek to be so near. For a moment be still,  in that silent peace, hear my hearts song. Longing to share your joy, Your hopes, your dreams. For now, Prayers, for your celebration, Contain my desires for your […]

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Grandmothers wait

Here am I, to hear your words, what hope can mine sow!Are these the last I will hear in gladness, I cannot know! Trembling and confused, you organize a few and choose! Anxious, you struggle, I smile and share a memory you loosed! Strength fails as your heart waivers and falls, your will still strong! […]

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I am also

As you stand there for her, I am there also. With your tears for her,  are mine also. Your hands clasped in prayer,  are surrounded by mine also. Holding on to her memory, With a heavy sigh, I am also. For her you stayed and prayed, So too did I, also. While, seemingly alone you stand, […]

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Baron hotel Aleppo 

Gleaming eyes filled with memories illuminated your stories of before.As your words walked me through passionate times and painful realities,  your voice never wavers.  These feet, covered in wars dust,  step gingerly through your crumbling memories. Huge cedar doors hang tattered  and shattered from lentils of your families hotel. Generations welcomed weary, famous  and infamous […]

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