Courting friends

Closer to the pair I strove. Listening as her young frame shaking,  as words to him she spoke. In silence he sits, listening, As her pouting lips are pulled thin. Up from his bench he stares, Care flickering like a flame in his eyes there. Great overtakes her tirade, In the speechless void he coughs. Startled, […]

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Knowing from where it comes. Lessons not the arrows blow. Seeing its angry flight. Lessons not its killing might. Still, to stand and victory take. Lessons not in this life I forsake. Here I stand with mortal man. Lessons learned, heaven is earned. WAManning

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Anger, no it’s pain

For the Uniformed few—  Anger, no it’s pain. Both fill this human frame. Watching your struggle. Seeing others pass. Anger, no it’s pain. For those I’ll never know. End of Shift bells toll. Tears from stranger’s flow. Anger, no it’s pain. Each name read aloud. Heroes, of each proud. I know you not. Anger, no […]

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Bright, inquisitive they drew me in. Tortured and confused they held me still. Radiating from your soul I see your pain. Moments of hope and their spark’s regained. Living colors spreading about a sphere. Blues and greens radiating clues. In them I see your struggling hues. Dimly once the held my heart. Trembling I recall […]

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Daddy I miss you

Never passes a day, when for you I pray.Singing of your memory, the Hope you shared with me. This love, fills us still, my brother and our children. Gone from this life, it’s struggles and strife. Though not from our hearts or our minds. Father, in faith you walked, humanly, stumbled. More a man than […]

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Crossing between discourse and disgust, Listening to rhetoric with growing distrust. Words flung in hate belittling debate, Once great, this democracy, rushes hates gates. Gathering throngs, marshaling under defeatist chants, Panting for socialisms failing banners, still they rant. Listen, if you will, to your voices so shrill,  Disparaging continually others beliefs, freedoms growing chill. Liberty holds […]

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Standing shoulder to shoulder, as dawn grows bolder.. Sweating fear,  as French beaches grow near,  prayers flow like tears. Teenagers trained for deaths approach, Booming reports calling without reproach. Standing shoulder to shoulder, As dawn grows bolder. Salty spray Crimson at break of day, Boys becoming men,  returning freedom to foreign sands. Slipping between the waves, […]

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