Staring at the screens.Seeing the magentas, greens and whites of life. Numbers climbing as fast as they plummet. Alarms and bells in the hum of the night. Pumping life one c-c at a time. Saving some, others, at the cost of a dime. Codes sing from unattended rooms. Screaming blue, another, God will see soon. […]

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Hello, happiness flows

Hello Happiness flows from these eyes in the night of her new walk, yes, I’m back. To walk and talk with you. In this garden of peace between night and morning. Here where hope has new meaning. I thank you. As my love and best friend, finds this trials end. As she prays for our […]

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Hello, seeking your peace

HelloSeeking your strength, back for your peace, I return. Yes, kneeling, prostrate before you, I’m back. In the darkness of my own soul. Spreading wants none can console. I thank you. Before I could ask you knew. Before I struck out on my own, you knew. Before her first test you knew. Before her hand […]

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Hello, tasting the fermented

Hello Tasting the fermented rewards of vine ripened summer fruit, I’m back. Relaxing, chatting, sharing with my love. Teasing thoughts of life without surgeries haunts. Prayerfully readied, studying your words, waiting this latest challenges launch. I thank you. No struggle is complete, with out a justified victory seat. Kneeling now, humbled in the fight. Soon, […]

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Hello, venturing through

HelloVenturing through discoveries folds, wresting understanding from this struggle, yes, I’m back. Humbly calling on your name, listening and learning again. Simply kneeling, leaving on your love. Watching, waiting, crying for the ones I love. I thank you. Trekking through each trial. Blazing though confusions forests. Outlasting fears sweeping deserts. Together, fording anxieties swollen, angry […]

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Hello, watching herĀ 

HelloWatching her tucked warmly in nights slumbering cloak, I return to you. Yes, back with heaths requests. Replenish her strength as she nears this last hurdle. Renew her peace, as this war rages from battle to battle. I thank you. Just as I thought nothing could wear her resolve down. Just when she filled faiths […]

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Hello, in the pre-surgery

HelloIn the pre-surgery anxiety readying for her latest trial, yes, it’s me. It’s me, humbled before your seat. Kneeling in Crimson trenches scraped from rock by these knees. Holding her hand, as you hold my heart. I thank you. The indignities of cancers calling. Rending hope from the living. Wresting trembling hearts from burning chests. […]

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