Ashes of my world

Lord you found me in the ashes of my world,filled with longing, in its hurt I was curled. Doubtful any could heal these pains, Constantly drenched in angers rains. Damp in depressions frustrations your face I find. Looking through my gloom filling my heart and mind. Found in the ashes, raised from my trouble. Unbound […]

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It died

Tonight, it died, with its spark of inspiration, winning is times duration.This dream of mine, now to never into rockets of discovery climb. Long has it flourished, in these backwaters of my heart, with hope nourished. Passing Odysseys date, racing past the great race, this dream is dead. Donning explorations uniform, hoping heavens gates my […]

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Barren is this troubled heart unable even the first word to start.Gulping sandy breaths, flesh tattered and torn on hands an needs I’m born. Bedraggled and bewitched by unreal images and fits, pausing before you to sit. Purple ringed eyes, heavy chested sighs, into my heart an angelic presence grinds. Still unspoken, tired and bruised, […]

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These hands

These hands, well worn by these paths I’m on.By any other conveyance leathered souls would be strained. For a lifetime one year, me and my chair roamed here and there. Bound by necessity to wheels as my heart defied gravity. Pained to the touch, bending to an unseen will, I wheeled. Before the doors allowed, […]

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Not sure

Not sure why I find myself awake well before daybreak.Words spilling from my heart in an ever growing plot. Filling rows on pages plowed from the edges. Seeding thoughts for others the night here brought. Sharing my crop of thoughts and needs, letting you here weed. From between the stalks growing what life brought. Feeding […]

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Loves vessel

Creaking, leaking bending to natures will.Shivering in a salty spray, praying night gives way to day. Watch is nearly done, welcoming mornings sun. This life chose me, loving it’s challenges that set me free. Indentured to the land I left, filled with the seas welcome breath. Traceless tracks on wakeless paths, crossing oceans vast. But […]

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For the wants

For the wants of love I long to hear.Words filling my hearts inner ear. Richly filled with desires calling. Tasting tartly sweet on this tongue falling. Straining for ecstasy’s face. Hands upheld surrendering to you chase. Pinched by cuspids lingering dart. Crimson trails to you from my heart. Comfort my need as I build your […]

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