hello, looking over my shoulder

Hello Looking over my shoulder at yesterday’s blessings, I return to you. Amazed at what has been, and astounded by today’s possibilities. Regardless my reckless wanderings. A spirit fills this heart with peace so great, I seem to fly over life’s chasms. I thank you. When morning a loss, or fearing change, you came. As […]

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Hello, wet with mornings dew

HelloWet with mornings dew, from walking with my love, I return to you. Simple pleasures found traveling on country roads. Quite hours along streams of memories new and old. Humming tunes from our youth. I thank you. Unguarded hearts struggling anew. Racing from one issue or is it two. Pacing for those sick and troubled. […]

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hello, afraid of this darkness

HelloAfraid of this darkness that gathers around my heart, I return to you. Knowing your holiness carries away each care in radiant beams of hope. Still, between slumber so fears and mornings rewards, this darkness lingers. Forgive my fearful human heart, as you finish her last trying part. I thank you. From the start, your […]

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Hello, Deep in your words

HelloDeep in your words, learning from each page, I return to you. Each passage refill sa depleted heart. Weakened in struggles, renewed in verse. Discerning new meanings from chapters long ago read, again read. I thank you. Understanding as I mature. Your will is not always for me to understand. Still, mine in yours, hand […]

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I, am

There, standing alone.Homeless in a neighbors vineyard. I am. Witness to fear. Witness to frustration. Witness to shame. Humiliated by events. Bitter this draft I pose. Unfettered by modesty. I am. There, standing alone.  Harvesting fruit, not my own. Unabashed excitement. Unfathomable praise. Unrestricted appreciation. Bereft of anger. Washed in blood. I am. There, no […]

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Hello, yesterday pain held 

HelloYesterday pain held my heart, today hope, I return to you. Reading eyes fear filled, sorrows misery on countless brows. Blessings yet received, I sing of a day, where love holds sway of humanity. Yesterday, frustration gripped this mind, today love, liberates me with riches to find. I thank you. Long have we groaned about […]

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Hello, getting to the point

HelloGetting to the point, not quite there, I return to you. Perplexed by setbacks, understanding each cause. Grated nerves, calloused knees and a chorus of, “pleas.” Here, far from the start, beginning anew.  I thank you. Not failure, but the illusion of success I stress. That is what stresses, that is this worlds measure. Amazed, […]

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