Hello, waiting for a time

Hello Waiting for that time when praise is all i have i return to you Sated for the moment though fear looms near Take from me this anxiety as we wait to hear Hear of cancer free days of travel and bills paid I thank you Under our own hands so much falters Under your […]

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Forgotten in thus rush

Forgotten in this rush for the ring Are the things that make the rush worthwhile Standing with friends as hurts compile Walking with loves growing desires Forgotten in this rush for the ring Are the people we pass over each mile Life’s to be shared with each we dare Forgotten in this rush for the […]

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hello, filled with misgivings

Hello Filled with misgivings i return to you Sitting in pool of distrust frustrated by self doubt set straight by another’s struggle I thank you where words fail your will is strong hands unable to remove temptation till prayer carries it on simple thoughts shared in silence refilling redemption I thank you Unable to see […]

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hello, today i heard

Hello Today i heard of another pains and prayed as I returned to you I learned of the hurt that fills a heart I witness the frustration in a friends life I heard his witness of your healing I thank you Knowing your touch heals Knowing your word our life fills Knowing my love’s healing […]

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This walk

This walk we are taking is interesting These sights we are seeing The people we meet The thoughts we are sharing This walk we are taking is interesting These trials we encounter along our way The frustrations and fears we encounter The people who meet and share the walk The hopes we are now sharing […]

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Just now

just now took your hand on the walk just now heard your first words about our path just now shared your thoughts with others you see just now had my first fall in your care just now stood up with your hands holding me just now found your desires for my life just now realized […]

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