Hello, yesterday pain held 

HelloYesterday pain held my heart, today hope, I return to you. Reading eyes fear filled, sorrows misery on countless brows. Blessings yet received, I sing of a day, where love holds sway of humanity. Yesterday, frustration gripped this mind, today love, liberates me with riches to find. I thank you. Long have we groaned about […]

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Hello, getting to the point

HelloGetting to the point, not quite there, I return to you. Perplexed by setbacks, understanding each cause. Grated nerves, calloused knees and a chorus of, “pleas.” Here, far from the start, beginning anew.  I thank you. Not failure, but the illusion of success I stress. That is what stresses, that is this worlds measure. Amazed, […]

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hello, heavy hearted

HelloHeavy hearted, full of joy and despair, I return to you. Watching from afar, as disease overtook your child. reading, hearing and understanding his walk stronger each day grew. I knew you, now knows you, Jealous, and resentful, wanting and wishing.  I thank you. Wanting for my love to have the peace of healing. Seeing […]

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For my nephew

today i found you gone. your face, my heart still recalls. Though, with you I’ll not again walk. Words once graced your lips. Filling this heart with pearls. Slipping back, now I know more. More of this heart, you openly wore. Filled with Christ’s love, his peace, confessing. Today, I found you gone. Not to […]

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Hello, agitated as others

HelloAgitated as others denounce your love, I’ve come back to you. You, and our relationship where we grow stronger. Stronger in faith centered on a hope which overcomes the hate. Not judging, only accepting and praying for those I come to know. I thank you. Regardless what is said, this journey with my love I […]

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Hello, unfinished though invested

HelloUnfinished though invested, with these cares, I return to you.  Yesterday’s burdens still fresh on shoulders. Today’s building even as the morning grows. To you, I give these cares and fears. I thank you. Watching as my love battles each issue. Pain and worry struggle to defeat her smile. Lighten her burden, if only for […]

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hello, illuminated by friendship

HelloIlluminated by friendships joy, I return to you. Able to accept life’s terms, knowing you are here. Wondering but not worrying about a future. Growing with her as from these trials we heal. I thank you. Frustrations darkness constantly challenging our walk. Momentary breaths of peace fill our tormented bodies. Still, into the fray of […]

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Hello, bested by the day

Hello Bested by the day, I return to you. Filled with questions, I sit and listen. Accepting this charge I stand to return. Your hands return me to my knees. I thank you. Watching as I try. Trying with all my might. Mighty grows the struggle. Struggling is my heart. I thank you. Yes. My […]

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Hello, small, these pains

HelloSmall, these pains, when a nation hurts, still, with both I return to you. Red, raw and glaring as images of evil others are sharing. Stunned into angered silence as I hear a religious fever begets this. Renewing my concern for my love, my prayers for her and this nation continue. I thank you. While […]

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ISIL Zombies

Those predicted Zombies we anticipated, arrived.Not quite dead they appeared as some cried. Evil, flying black banners they came. Calling fools with social tools, paradise claimed. On our streets chewing up innocent lives, growing our rage. Cries of death to infidels, turning back histories page. Returning the favor, head shots we favor. Evil ISIL Zombies […]

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