Hello, getting to the point

HelloGetting to the point, not quite there, I return to you.

Perplexed by setbacks, understanding each cause.

Grated nerves, calloused knees and a chorus of, “pleas.”

Here, far from the start, beginning anew. 

I thank you.

Not failure, but the illusion of success I stress.

That is what stresses, that is this worlds measure.

Amazed, that so many years, hold me here.

So many I cannot give back.

I thank you.

One day soon.

Others will see your glory.

Be amazed by your unexpected blessings.

Today, each I recognize as never before.

I thank you.

Strength, is more than a measure of power.

From within us precious moments build by the hour.

Regardless this anger which breaks our focus.

This faith returns us to your purpose.

I thank you

 Oh, and Amen


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