Back from the wall

Back from the wall, stare your memories.Miles between each, ripping at realities seams. Hearing today’s voices, railing unfair at their choices. Demanding unearned, experiences rewards. Denied under crises and trial, earned, unreceived, you smile. Arrogance of artistic elite, decrying inequities of wealthy seat. Comprehension retreats under ill begotten protests. Stirred hearts reluctantly claim histories fame. […]

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Honor killed

Honor killed.Filled with foolish pride. Another’s hopes you denied. Listen, love’s flowing still from her words. Castigated by your castrated hearts. Tin souls echoing an angry Faith’s vows. Honor killed. Sentencing actions of a failing father. Crimson stained hands and hearts. Unrepentant prophets part. Slaves to sins caustic refrain. Honor killed. Loving hearts by actions […]

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Listening as you, from your prison wrote.Trials and mislaid events of youth you spoke. Wisdoms words your heart grows. Living out your thoughts the future knows. Give times healing salve license your souls reprieve. Write still, till your hours grow short. Let not anger haunt, rather strengthen your report. In this which burns and breaks, […]

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So sorry

I’m so sorry for your loss.Watching heroes gather under the cross. Valiant hearts with wounded pride. Stand vigil for these that died. Sweating hope that never again. War be waged by mortal men. Still this breath that painfully fills this chest. Only these warriors offer their best. Silently approaching this place. Each runs life’s final […]

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You’ve penned

Reading again these words you’ve penned.Hearing in each stroke excuses for the souls you bend. Reading again plans for a would be man. Caged in regrets rusted bars of torment you plan. Frustrated, blaming others for your transgressions and sin. Dealt hard from unfair cards wisdom eludes you. Crippling crises unnerving your progression. Regression renews […]

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Mislaid in a yellowing Suns setting.Entangling engagements of torment and desire. Tossed fretfully into thistle laden paths of thorny regrets. I’m in wait of this one I know and want to know. Persevering taunting temptations in shadows of neglect.  Amorous liaisons reacquainting listless souls damply begun. I’m in wait of this one I know and […]

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Fill this page

Tracing lines on paper.Clacking letters on keys. Stroking screens to review a meme. Empty spaces filling with heartfelt traces. Etching in memories, loves, loss and hopes. Templates for romance, tragedies and grace. Regardless the reason, fill up blank space. Void of reason, emptiness, cries for filling. Pull your pen, strike the key, however you do […]

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Resting with you.Seeing each breath. Rising in your chest. Watching your heart beat. Each time I look at the spark in your eyes. By your side. Hearing your love grow. While you share hopes for tomorrow. Understanding. What is not said. Hands wrapped around my arm. Head on my shoulder. Resting with you. WAManning©2016

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Thrusting quickly from the darkness into the light.Sweeping left while dropping fast to a twist and then. And then climbing, slow then faster. Summiting to almost a stop, then down past my stomach. Lurching right then upside down running and spiraling around. Screeching to a sudden stop, inside a darkened tunnel. Breaking out in to […]

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Few words

Few are these words.Night recedes from my soul. Dawns first rays warm my face. Slinking terrors slithering from my mind. Solace grows for those who know. Few are these words. Spoken in hopes growing light. Tantalizing tidbits of a passing night. Unfriendly visions fading with my awakening. Trampled dreams with renewed themes. Few are these […]

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