Few words

Few are these words.Night recedes from my soul.

Dawns first rays warm my face.

Slinking terrors slithering from my mind.

Solace grows for those who know.

Few are these words.

Spoken in hopes growing light.

Tantalizing tidbits of a passing night.

Unfriendly visions fading with my awakening.

Trampled dreams with renewed themes.

Few are these words.

Awake, but not, dazed by the lot.

Struggling to recall, each in color they fall.

From a tired mind, unexplainable desires I find.

Unexplainable events with faces intertwined.

Few are these words.

Relinquishing all that I have.

Gathering those that I love.

Taking no treasure, clothes and food for measure.

Abandoning all we once knew.

Few are these words.

Little now can I recall.

Terror stinking from damp halls.

Coppery scent with an earthy tint.

Flashes in the night, blast from hidden pipes.

Few are these words.

Gone from my slumbering mind.

Chased by pains in this body I find.

Wounds deeper than flesh.

Some I treasure, others I confess.

Few are these words.

Night returns and recalls.

New chapters and trials.

This trek for me remains.

A struggle till end of days.

Few are these words.




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