Hello, humbled and nursing

HelloHumbled and nursing my pride, I return to you. Smiling as I recall, words that on did fall. This is not about me, but her and you will see. The glory manifested in her struggle and her healing, I have to you, trust. I thank you. As I stand before strangers and friends. Telling of […]

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Hello, unappreciative

HelloUnappreciative of this trial she endures, I return to you. Thinking that the struggle soon would end, now here kneeling to you this ear I end. Bend to listen and learn what her pains earn. Realizing, her struggle is for others your glory to see. I thank you. Minor setback anger me, and frustrate her. […]

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Hello, rewarded

HelloRewarded with the understanding that this journey will end at heavens gates, I return to you. Tonight I realized that these conversations will never end. And, I’m glad. As each one reveals more and more the heart of my God. I thank you. Once when darkness prevented my eyes from seeing your glory, I cried. […]

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Hello, within this quaking

HelloWithin this quaking forest of longing, I return to you. Yes, it’s me again, with such simple burdens. I hesitate to request, my needs, my wants. Humbled by circumstances, kneeling at your feet. I thank you. As healing reunites the seams of flesh. Fully bolstering a rebuilt chest. Evil battering ever at this beleaguered soul. […]

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Rains refrain

Haunting is the call of rain, melodious its pattering refrain.Called to replenish the earth, anguished for floods it births. Simple lite and constant rain, requested, no so this storm we’re blessed with. Come again another day, but not so long you need not stay. Stray not long from our hills and dales, for this drought […]

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Hello, with my love

HelloWith my love as she regains hard fought liberty, It’s me again. Watching as gloved fingers remove surgeries lingering reminders. Listening as she learns more she can do, than not. Seeing her remove restrictions one step at a time. I thank you. Long is the journey through cancers caustic valley. Crags dotted with caverns of […]

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Hello, in her slumbering

HelloIn her slumbering I see your peace and healing, I’m back. Yes, to tell of the mercy you fill our lives with. How you take the pains and return blessings. As she renews her bond with you, you rebuild her faith for all to see. I thank you. Where I as strong as she. Tears […]

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Hello, alone with my

HelloAlone with my thoughts in the predawn darkness, it’s me again. Wrestling with wants and desires, in the past mired. Asking, seeking, watching, waiting as we talk, she’s healing. A set back, then an advance, in this battle is not chance. I thank you. Still her strength she struggles. Two weeks since her surgery she […]

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When I was seven

When I was seven, when I was young.A man told me about Jesus, of heaven and hells soul stealing. It was like a beating, hearing about how they was jesus treatin. I didn’t want to suffer, or burn forever. Walking to the alter, gave my life to the holy father. Good I was for a […]

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Timid is this heart

Timid is this heart, unwilling to admit desire.Pent within constraints frivolous and restrained. Under fingers gently touching, this heart, pain mired. Illusions of loveliness, burned on modernity’s pyres. Dawns revealing light, gives hope in my night. Unable to relinquish, her image, stills this heart. To start, then refrain, from sharing a hearts message again. Willed […]

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