Hello, unappreciative

HelloUnappreciative of this trial she endures, I return to you.

Thinking that the struggle soon would end, now here kneeling to you this ear I end.

Bend to listen and learn what her pains earn.

Realizing, her struggle is for others your glory to see.

I thank you.

Minor setback anger me, and frustrate her.

Anger, that I feel helpless as these waves of destress overtake her.

Unable to do more than pray, at her side I stay.

Night and day, I pray, by the hour seeking your power.

I thank you.

Simple are these that slam us with trouble.

Simple are these that harangue us with inexplicable pains.

Simple are the desires as she in this cancer struggle is mired.

Simple is the action of prayer as the requests one on the other are layered.

I thank you.

For understanding my anguish.

Giving peace to her nightly for rest.

For filling my heart with words of praise.

For seeing her through the end of cancers days.

I thank you.

From these haunts her heart will grow.

Worn down by these struggle power.

Renewed by your peace each hour.

Refreshing her, with the love you shower.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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