Hello, in her slumbering

HelloIn her slumbering I see your peace and healing, I’m back.

Yes, to tell of the mercy you fill our lives with.

How you take the pains and return blessings.

As she renews her bond with you, you rebuild her faith for all to see.

I thank you.

Where I as strong as she.

Tears would not reveal my fears.

As chemicals raged like wildfire in her veins, for others she thought.

Those less fortunate in their fight, or alone.

I thank you.

From the wildfire chair to the surgical suit, you were there.

As she suffered the indignities of repeated medical incursions, you were there.

While she accepted radiation and pharmacological battles in her body, you were there.

Just when I thought she was at her end, as I was, you were there.

I thank you.

I watch her heal, even in her sleep.

So sweet us the smile that replaces the wildfire grimace.

Her dreams reflected in her slumbering expressions.

You I see in her nightly treks from the days battles.

I thank you.

If only I had her strength.

I know it is from you Lord.

Please, share this strength and peace with me.

As you do for my love.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.


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