Mesa verde

Mesa Verde Challenging steps along hand hewn paths groping for answers…. Listening, unheard for ancient tongues time denies… Thirsting for understanding within derelict abodes… Under unforgiving skies, earth dislodges her charges.. Generations lost too times shrug, no memories remain… Motored, plastered, fallen monuments to those who came… Built out of pried, that failure soon denied… […]

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Tender Tender is the thought born in a child’s heart, grown from a seed from your simple deeds… Holding tiny hands, listening to sweet plans, simple turns of misused phrases, watching growths phases… Smiling eyes, filling hopes desires, openly sharing a fresh look on caring… Inventing friends, finding no strangers, a child’s small world fills […]

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We heard the gurgling sound from the lake that night.. No stars found the surface, till I shined my light… Head like a swan, body like a beaver, bellowed like an elk with rut fever… Astounded we stood, watching, hearts racing with fear, not that we could.. As suddenly as it appeared, back into the […]

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The son I was

The son I was Standing here now, looking at the son I was… Listening to pain filled memories revealing the son I was… Can you recall, the deeds for which I did fall, I recall the son I was… Moments of indecision, fruitless passions and derision, noting the son I was.. Hurting for those I’d […]

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Caustic politics

In the roll of a caustic cousin, politics bleeds our soul.. Diminishing a families roll in caring for each other… Without stealth, stealing hard fought wealth, giving to another… Never been rich, bug have dug many a ditch… Yet still the claim from my wallet, what I’ve earned for others to burn it… Stop a […]

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Darkness Into this darkness I chase mornings misty coolness… Between the worlds braces I race sightless and bound… Calling unheard looking forlorn and absurd, still seeking unfound… Hopes reason in faiths season, still shackled stumbling between failures I’ve found.. None but me, here see, hands held to welcome, hands unfettering these binding trials.. From the […]

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Sweeping around your face, rushing into ears with a roar… Living waters refresh the body, eternal eddies bear you to Heaven’s door… Once beneath the waves, your love, Christ saves… No sin outweighs the waters, these burdens with earth stays… Not long beneath the flood, caring hands return you here above… Only once a bodies […]

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I remember niceraugua

Slapping report of a receiver casting spent brass… Zwing of rounds dancing all around… Soulless eyes, smiling with others pains… I remember… Nights of days bend on destruction… Soft steps, measured breaths, slow pull on bent steel… I remember… Orders slash hearts for cash… Flames retard rescues few, still I see you… I remember… Calls […]

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Road rage

What in their way spreads anger and dismay… Growing frustration with each failure they display… Pagan calls on adulterous ears, instead of hopes prayers for fears… Gesturing madly with misinformation’s calls, lonely in a cabs four walls… Rambling along well worn paths, past pains in a moment you regain… Before you an engine of discontent, […]

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Journalism minor roles

Minor is not the role of a journalist… Word filled veins warmed by news’ passing.. Between the storms of man and nature thrilled.. Never is the role of journalist stilled.. Beaten, banned, burdened and pained… Minor only in stature to story seen… Pillars between might and men fame gain… Laboring for each word and frame… […]

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