descending on the day

Descending on the day a hazy freezing fog on earth ice to lay. Feeling traffic thunder past fighting shivers from this frigid bench. Warm within each passing car snuggled down in homes around. Wrapped in this cast off quilt beside possessions fearfully built. Tempers flare as he wanders into traffic seeking those who share. Pity […]

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If I had

If I had known you’d remained i would have returned. If I had seen your steps in the centuries dust I would have stayed. If I had listened to your final words I would have heard and understood. If I had walked but a step closer to the precipice I would have seen you there. […]

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hello, willing to do your will

Hello willing to do your will i return return to your love humbled in the approach approaching your mercy seat kneeling kneeling with tears blurring clear vision I thank you Coughing forth the bile of hate Hate defeated with a single word words filled with loves saving grace grace healing my love I thank you […]

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Gathering my loves touch

Gathering my loves delicate touch on a willing heart. Dancing lightly across receptive flesh fingers trailing recognitions longings. Along silky skin between shoulder and chin lips press hopefully toward pouting lips. Tender is the response to desires plight refusals acceptance in this night. Loves ringing golden possession brings solace to my dreams wanderings. Turning from […]

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hearing of your loss

hearing of your loss reminds me of my own a fathers passion for his children never ends regardless transgressions real or perceived New Life filling hands accepting changes rewards accepting changes challenges proudly a fathers true love is never absent wanting and willing though circumstances deny your loss is magnified with the years of silence […]

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It rages

It rages on in the heart of those who carried our burden alone It rages on in those who fought evil far for home It rages on in the minds of those injured while they roamed It rages on in these who stand on limbs not their own It rages on in these that grapple […]

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Waiting in a room

Waiting in a room where time is your only friend Listening as others tears call on him Deep longing fills faces flush with wildfires burning Guarded words seeking blessing for those who hurt Waiting in a room where time is your only friend Watching fear filled faces struggle to share a grin Children seeking hope […]

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Selfishly seeking my own relief Watching you pain and exhaustion grow Demanding what cannot be given Seeking what I cannot take Offering a prayer For our sake… WAM

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