Selfishly I cry, for a night free of pain for her. A morning where she sees her chest full and not gashed. Where hopeful eyes peer from beneath flowing locks. Not a bald princess seeking the hating to stop. Yes selfishly I seek a night of sleep with out worry. Waiting for her torment to […]

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Hello, road weary I return

Hello Road weary I return to your place Humbly kneeling seeking your grace Absent are the hours of joy When laughter filled her Like a child with a new toy Hacking heaving Groaning in pain Never far from restrooms It is plain Wildfire racks her form Leaving her not smiling Crying only as a norm […]

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Each motion

Each motion sweeping around weaving a delicate crown. Bound flesh in colorful forms where flowing locks were once found. Scattered by wildfires reasons, memories begin this forgetful season. Still she smiles, laughs then cries as her femininity seems to die. Struggling with her faithful might with treatments changing her sight. Sudden fits of herniating heaving […]

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Bound in words

Bound in words a mortal heart is forged. Between thoughts and deeds begotten self often forgotten. Dreams realized fears begun life with words willingly sung. Deeply furrowed memories grow of times we wanted but seldom know. So often started so seldom ended a tale of love and liberties vanity cannot show. Twilight renders hopes into […]

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