I’ll never know

Watching images of these I’ll never know.Sorrow for families losses that seems only to grow. End of days approaching fast hold these you love till the last. A husband, father and son, speaking to his love as terror she tries to out run. Wife of decades recalls her fear as a tornado glam her husband […]

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Yes, when asked if I see your struggles, yes.Tempted to slip my hand into yours, yes. Yes, as you cross new hurdles I struggle. Great grows this hearts anguish, yes. Yes, I want only to share with you. Opening your life to mine to see, yes. Yes, yesterday was hard, but tomorrow. Tomorrow brings its […]

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I had a wish

I had a Christmas wish last night, it slipped from my lips,  disappearing like a whisper in the wind. Blown from my heart,  where each one has its start,  to heavens gates before it’s to late. Wishing for each one,  before humanities undone,  to treat the other as a friend,  not an enemy to end. I […]

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My staff

Warmed in the chill night air by what I’ve found here.Nothing by chance happens, so why did I walk upon this place. Streets stilled, Windows glowing, in this city your presence is growing. Surrounded by strangers, seeking answers from a child. Understanding this peace that us now surrounds. Lips pursed in prayer slowly begin a […]

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Merry Christmas 

Capital thoughts along nightly highways are brought.Ribbons of red and white stretching into the night. Dreams caravanning here and there as cheer grows in wanting ears. Praise and supplication filling each tired frame as rubber caresses highways without name. Spreading hope where want stays in simple words in this season often heard. Come empty and […]

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Cold grip

Grumbling for the colds morning grip.Wrists painfully turning with a cracking twist. Playtime so vanished into senior trials. A mind filled with Summer’s trails. Heart longing school halls. Grumbling for the colds morning grip. Another warming cup of coffee I sip. Replacing cartons of milk and playground trips. Humbled by what I’ve seen. Listening to […]

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Where once two

There where once two slumbered you remain.Up around your face the blankets keeping the morning chill away. Sweetly your breath rises and falls with dreams that on you mind still call. Here where once I held you through the night I watch with musical delight. Climbing into clothes of labor struggling agains awakening noises. Stirring, […]

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