Merry Christmas 

Capital thoughts along nightly highways are brought.Ribbons of red and white stretching into the night.

Dreams caravanning here and there as cheer grows in wanting ears.

Praise and supplication filling each tired frame as rubber caresses highways without name.

Spreading hope where want stays in simple words in this season often heard.

Come empty and be filled, take this offering of a coat to ward off an evenings chill.

Chorus of desires, meet in the nights fires as your glory we sing.

Accept each wish, for a Merry Christmas with out any lists.

Under trees laced with memories and strings, your victory this night brings.

Regardless your need, his message is simple to heed.

Loving as he does with each Crimson drop of hope.

Born in a stable to parents barely able to understand.

Through these streets carrying out eternities plan.

Still this boy hold our savior becomes a man.

Racing to fulfill another’s needs, ignoring our own, sowing seeds.

That is Christmas, in each word and deed, not asking, giving to each’s need.

Merry Christmas.


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