Feathered wishes

Feathered wishes whisper hope on evenings sifting breezes. Tethered taunts of days finale hours flaunts unfinished plans with reasons. Where we began is not so important as where we end. In each hours travels our life’s trek with faith is measured. Ending now, will you know how to climb times final tower. Powered with faith, […]

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Burden of sin, faith within…

A week ago, these streets of old filled with people,palms and praise… Today misguided hate they hurt peace’s prince then on a cross him raise… What fickle hearts bear witness as their hands feebly struggle at washing blood away… Who here hurts when we read of the dastardly deed for our sins perpetrated that day…. […]

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Slumbers torment

In the greying mist of slumber evils fingers find unwilling souls… Between the evenings wish and mornings want dark worlds unfold… Twisting thoughts on memories chords till night Mariah ghouls appear… A minds eye sweeps from visage to vista seeking sanctity and sanity… Snapping fingers redirecting slumbers torments till a welcome morning chorus… Fought between […]

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Who defends the defenders…behind the healing walks of home… When hearts bent on deception and deceit fracture hopes fragile peace… Who defends the defenders…inside sacred halls returned from duties calls… Were guards bear only witness to passions unthinkable violence… Who defends the defenders…in solitudes fortress from enmities hoodlums… While loss mounts far from battles fields […]

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