A minds lost power

Folded, filled with temporal energies, cascading between lobes memories maintaining… Synaptic failures, rampant with frustration design, hard pressed to clear ones mind… Casting aspersions, a modern day plague, frail with collapses, suffering it dies alone… Fear of a stigma, frustratingly treated, a mind unbound, as a life comes unwound… Imply the asking, help’s quite near, […]

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All night

In this night that is tomorrow, a darkness greater fills me with sorrow. Knowing not what few shares lot, these storms plow a future furrow. Planting seeds of despair, few know or care. Brief interlude of light, splits this dark night. Hope in today as it breaks. Words of love, peace from above. Soon all […]

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Taking without ceasing

Unaware where we, as the events unfolded. Watching with excitement and trepidation as history marched through liberties streets. Began, it did, with hates anger wringing live from kids. Seeping into theaters with violent fantasies to reveal on unsuspecting patrons. Cries before, fell often deafly, upon changes managers placed in state and federal buildings. Ivory perches […]

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Pedestaled elite

Tempting words repeated aloud rebound from growing crowds. Casual discourse in charged arenas, responsive discord bent on callus meanings. Crumbling minds burning in defeat, grasping, claiming childhood so sweet. Innocent, angry, hurting a crowd, rapidly dispatching hate in leads shroud. Cast about on turbulent time, words that lead issued for those who’d bleed. Minds bent […]

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Already Words

Already words removing our wants go unheard… Already words reclaiming our needs go unheeded…. Already words rescinding our rights go unchecked… Already words relinquishing our hopes go unseeded…. Already words return our electoral will…unfulfilled… WAM

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Your taking

Your desire to take what is not yours, it astounds…. Your want of my loss sends this mind reeling, it confounds…. Your willingness to look past reason, leaves us seething… Your relentless approach to our freedoms, is not without hidden meaning… Your angry diatribe, unwillingness to dialogue, leaves us confused… Your assault on one right, […]

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It awaits you there

One terror carries this night as eyes flutter closing tight. Deep in slumbers uneven embrace a mind races from fears embrace. Unheeded, unhinged there between evening and dawn he begin. Reigning with hopes and fantasies bound, till hurt rounds each aground, Unreal, unrelenting finding the stream, each takes over a dream. When those lips about […]

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Diverging paths

For an age, not so long as wished, this path shared . Close to earths bounty, wandering rabbit trails, finding fodder in great beasts in fields. Ending as all things must, friends part with hope and trust. Hope yesterdays never forgotten, and memories for tomorrow soon are begotten. When paths diverge, bridges often, accidentally burn. […]

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Fleeting rays

Twisting between golden strands, dancing on times sifting sands, rays splayed and arrayed… Relentless tumbling thoughts, cascading over troubled wants, arrayed between dusk and dawn… Willowed fields of fractured dreams, cast between desires streams, prayed for those unpaid… Without the hopes of faith are these, descending on calloused knees, unwavering as leafless oaks it seems.. […]

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So it begins

So it began, with calculated plans this evil held within the hearts of men… Dark desires, crossed mental wires, unleashed deceit on children complete… Copper scented rooms, echoing hurt, crimson splashed, hope dashed… So it began, calls to retake, tools of death for future sake… Echoing the desires of men in ivory spires, words fired, […]

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