What we see

What we see

A gaggle of photojournalists pose questions unsupported by reporters or producers.

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May first: With warm rhetoric rallies for equality amble flag crested along a frigid worlds paths. For bread, simple flower or corn for empty stomachs, the calls issue forth as elitist leaning socialistically dissuade common discourse for righteous contempt. Within democratically birthed passions held in check by rigid moral compasses cause meets chaos. What in […]

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Bastrop remembered

It’s been seven months since wild fires claimed two lives- 34,000-plus acres of forest and grasslands and 1,670 homes in and around this central Texas community of Bastrop, it is wary eyes that residents watch new growth as fire season returns. Mile after Mile of blackened spires remind residents of the fast moving September 2011 […]

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News Desk chaser

Nightly voices of hurting and despair, Listening as uniforms carry them there… Fires raging in soulless domains, fostering anger and ageless claims.. Static filled lives crackle and discharge, rambling, wrecking lives loveless and hard… Hearing these calls, yearning and burning wanting it all.. hearing them cry, hearing them die, yearning and burning, wanting it all. […]

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Earth bound

Grey and black forms shifting between reality and posterity as prints first imbedded on other worldly soils witnessed in living rooms by little girls and boys pass now with hopes of our selves soon among the stars to tread. Slipping from earthly bonds a last time, effortlessly Discovery her final coinage without explorers gracing her […]

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Lost another friend

A Marine Sadness filling hurting eyes as night into days grow… Not knowing his path or angers wrath will sow… Uniformed air dancer slipping between the clouds… Directing deaths breath as machine whispers all around… Weary worn wearing passions scorn for people he will carry… Patriots dreams in foreign fields ripped at the seams… Onward […]

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