Deep in nights vault of fears a dream is dashed before it can be steered. Drawn from slumbers selfless shores fantasies ships reach costly shoals. Drumming thunder signals fears stormy approach. Dangling under tattered sails hopes banner is unable to warn of impending doom. Dawn nears sending fears scuttling deeds into nights stormy seas. Damaging […]

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I see what

I see what is meant for her and I fear I am not strong enough to help. I see what is coming and know that I will have to be more than I am. I see what her body will feel and the hurt it will endure, and pray for myself not her. I see […]

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Me again

Hello It’s me again. Yep, coming back a little more often. Hope seems under attack in this heart. But you already knew that, guess I just needed to say it out loud. I see her needs coming more evident. My own pale by comparison. Still I need your strength. She saw her cousins photo who’s […]

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Dark mind

Dark is the mind which dwells on failure. Formidable is the one fostering faiths success. Cast away what cannot be. Follow, lead those things that will be. Nothing, defeats evils lingering darkness better. Remaining under defeats stormy wings. Or growing in knowledges light as faith rigs in the light. Stand with us, stepping into hopes […]

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Maddening is the rush which flows from a soul in torment. Welling deep inside till not even the tears can one hide. Simmering wants boil into frustrations desires as emotions rise. WAM

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Hello again

Hello again. Seems I’ve been saying a lot and not listening again. Yes, I know, it’s not about me, but it feels like it. Deep inside it seems this heart is rushing from my chest when I think of it. Yes, I know, it’s not me, but sometimes I cannot see it. It seems to […]

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Buzzards dine

Strong Dark wings gliding on chilling breezes circle then perch before unbelieving eyes.. Crooked talons seeking concretes grip she rises on the buildings lip… Three flights above the earth, deaths minions finds a lofty perch… Unaware, Passing below her watch full gaze people seeking physicians to pay… Paying for life’s finale answer, delaying deaths unrighteousness […]

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Between the stripes

Between the strips of red and white… Aside the ivory stars on blue… Names of those who served are bound… Not by threads but loyalty sown… Waving in struggles gales… Taught from ships of steel they sail… Rigid obedience amid determined strife.. Each name generations recite… Sacrifice for liberties sake… Each name a family takes… […]

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Slumbering moans

Watching he sleep off the pains and anxieties of the fight. Hearing her slumbering moans as hurt slips past the masking pills… Knowing each hour returns her strength further from cancers reeking stench… Still in the night, her fears in dreams tearing at realities seams… In her nights darkest moments, faith illuminates peace’s path… Heart […]

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Empty chairs holding space for those who will not return… Boots unfilled supporting a life worn rifle and a battle scared cover… Angry hearts filled with pain for those never returning home again… Strips on stars folded for presentation… Tears replace cheers as steel feet strike a paraded street…. Memories burn yearning for familiar faces […]

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