stalled by angers trace

Stalled by angers trace.Through plains thoughts, i race.  Pondering questions unfathomable, I brace. Fielding frustrations angry mace. Forgotten in times infernal chase. Stubbornly seeking liberties face. Till in faith, Christ, I embrace. No longer stalled by angers trace. Quickening my choice, ending fate. From before I was born, he knew this date. For you, it’s […]

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Hello, hampered in self denial

HelloHampered in self denial, I return to you. Avoiding prides pitfalls I fall prey to self effacement. When most my love needs my adulation and affirmation. Kneeling, your guidance sought, your will accepted, to her I return. I thank you. Never has this walk been more difficult than now. Regardless the struggle created in my […]

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Wanting to be

Wanting to be a father, though unprepared, here I stand. Wanting to share your life, lost in a world all my own, here I stand. Wanting to show you this place, unable to wrest you from another, here I stand. Wanting to give you fatherly things, distance and deceit denied us, here I stand. Wanting […]

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Daddy, I know you hear me

Daddy, I know you hear me in your room.I’m sorry for the things I did and didn’t do. When you asked if I’d done the task. When you told me it would be the last. When you stopped talking, then I cried. Daddy, I know you hear me in your room. I’m sad for all […]

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Unfurl fatherhood’s banner

Unfurl the banners of fatherhood for all to see.Even for those, who know not thee. Snapping smartly to an angry breeze. Held taught in an unrelenting gail, the victory painfully bought. Heavy weighs a this price, faded colors, thread worn strands. Still this banner of fatherhood stands. Absent in form, present in prayers, others at […]

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gathering all that I am

Gathering all that I am.Stepping between what was and can be. Holding fast to faith. Offering hope. Seeking shared liberties. Here, with the man I am. Built by the man who was. Seeking reunion with the lost. Daughters, friends and family that life, me cost. Here, in spirit my father remains. Like those who before […]

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yes, her passions I sought

Yes her passions I sought. Bought with lips of fire. Yes her passions I sought. Brought to fevered pitch with out a sound. Yes her passions I sought. Briefly, under moonless night. Yes her passions I sought. Before her fears cried out. Yes her passions I sought. Between the denim and the blouse. Yes her […]

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Hello, riding around Texas

Hello Riding around Texas back roads with my love, I return to you. Though never truly apart, our discussions are a must. This need I have to understand, you created for this man. Smiling as I ask, you redirect my questions with your own. I thank you Wisdom comes with time. Time is filled with […]

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