One race

“One Race”New to a land as old as time,  came hope and hate to a family line. Under a wooded sun, Two ancestors became one. Hate soon humbling Anglo and Native unions. Chastised before two nations filled with confusion. Fare skin shielding our past, Few discussed, even fewer asked. Decades race into today, Hope springs […]

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I know

I know just how to hurt you.When your will is most vulnerable,  And deceit rings true.  As your breaths come shorter, And hearts beat harder. While your morals are under attack. Sharply I dig the knives of guilt into your back. Yes, as every eye turns to the future,  yours, remain on the past. Arguments […]

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Statues Fall

It is real this hate we see. It struggles within you and me. But foolish leaders focus our thoughts, On misguided desires, claiming peace can be bought. No statues fall, or street renamed, Can heal the pain from which it came. Accepting on faith each persons claim, Judge not skin hues, but how their character […]

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