Our battles, all to often, choose their own time and place.In the Preparation to battle darkness, the word is our greatest defense. Prayerfully absorbing Gods word growing spiritually aware of our surroundings. Readying yourself and others for each battle because it will come like a cancer in child birth. When your joy reaches its peak, […]

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Elected son

With irritating regularity pungent prose spills from your lips. Clips and quips of irrational articulations spun between fantasy and fear. Sentences constructed around destructive principles of irrelevant thoughts. Yet, still we are responsible for your actions which we condone with a vote. You, yes you, the representative surrogates of each party lost in powers depravity. […]

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Today yields 

Understand, things I could and would have done different, I’d do them again.Today yields to tomorrow, not yesterday, so these events, must stay. Recorded on hearts and angry souls, confused and amused they are told. What crimes you call for punishment, others see as follies of youth for discussion. Yes, could I have, would I, […]

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