Hello, mistaking horror for fear

HelloMistaking horror for fear as evil takes liberties here, quickly I return to you. As my love focuses on her next battle, recovering from breast cancers war. As we watch friends and families, juggling with trials beating down their doors. My heart, broken, as deaths ravaging hand, strikes down innocents across this land. I thank […]

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Nine days

In nine days, the war began.Those who desired hate, committed mortal sin. For darkness sake, seven lives they did take. Cold calculated, Satin’s kin. The war began, on the protectors of men. Dragged to death, shot from behind, willingly it did begin. Stand with us, show these you care, if you dare. Who protects the […]

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Tonight.In my prayers, I’ll talk to him of you. Telling him, what he already knows of you. Asking his peace for you. Seeking his wisdom for you. As I seek for my self. Then, as I say good night. He’ll tell me in his own way. That you prayed. You talked with him. About your […]

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hello, impatiently waiting

HelloImpatiently waiting for a new earth and new Heaven, still, I return to you. Heavy hearted, as losses fill my world. Innocence destroyed, trust denied. Looking for, for your triumphant return. I thank you. Stunned, angered, by hates minor victories. Seething, as evil folks up on my doorstep. Regretting, that my prayers I was forgetting. […]

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again, evil

Again, evil this nation stings.Burning, hates venom, surging through our veins.  Turning enemies of neighbors with angers reign. Legislating morality is the cry, as another here dies. Blaming the tool, not the end user, gains new rules. Now, becoming evils tool, giving into its needs, a fool. Feeding on fear, giving up liberties held dear. […]

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for my friends at wdbj

Hurting at the news.So often disconnected from Video we use. A heart listens, a soul weeps. These secrets some keep. Hurting at the news. For all these crews. Eyes all around, listening for each sound. Who knows what evil here abounds. Hurting at the news. Sending you each to stories we choose. Praying, each returning, […]

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