Hello, silent for too long

Hello Silent for too long, I’ve returned. Just before the trial, by others, is forgotten, the words return. Steeled by thunders deafening roar. Revealed with lightenings darkness rending score. I thank you Table and topic hopping with friends. Sharing faith and bodies on the mend. Opening new adventures with a phrase. Continually offering up our […]

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On a wall

On a wall far from home, his name’s engraved. Standing silent, a our future guarding, crimson with hope. Under a merciless sun, white crossed rows of stone. Salt spay fills these eyes, hearing battle and mens dries. Clinging cords, grasping vines, desert sands trickling away as time. On a wall far from home, his name’s […]

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Hello, rushing between

Hello Rushing between others wants and my loves needs, I return to you. Hopefully, that these trials grow no greater, fearing sanitizes loss my greatest danger. Knowing you stand before the gates, baring from my heart this present evil and hate. Rummaging through memories and times, when these scrapes and bruises where only mine. I […]

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Hello, foraging through others

Hello Foraging through others self castigations, I return to you. Recriminations of reliability, feeding anxieties raging furnace for truth. Not withstanding, my own doubts, unable to ferret out answers that sooth. Still, amid growing decimation, restructuring each life’s rubble I listen and pursue. I thank you No more than we can bear. Tested, then again […]

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Did they

Did they see? Did they see it? Did the see it fall? Did they see it fall today? Did they see it fall today, finally? Did they see it fall today, finally, crumbling? Did they see it fall today, finally, crumbling under? Did they see it fall today, finally, crumbling under them? Did they see […]

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Life’s curve balls

Boxed before life’s field. Waiting for curveballs. Watching for an inside fastball to hang. Kicking frustrations clinging red clay from my spikes. Swinging at invisible strikes. Leaning into hopes first pitch. A mighty swoop, I missed. Letting anticipation of success of me get the best. Stepping outside this confining box of time. Shaking off the […]

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Helo, standing no kneeling

Hello Standing, no kneeling, I’m back. Back with more needs. Needs not for me, but others. Others whom I love, needing you. I thank you. Times scars erasing thoughts. Thoughts of loves and loss. Loss, the loss of precious memories. Memories, of pain, going as well. I thank you. Burdened by a parents trials. Trials […]

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