I’ll pay

Hungry grows what lies within.Restraining wants and desires,  only increases the need. My very body shakes, At demands I can no longer restrain. Price I’ll pay for this day, Will long remind how I fulfilled the need. Suddenly, accelerating. Mass equals MC-squared,  Physics of speed I cannot heed. Every fiber of this form, Pressed by […]

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Old friend

Old friend, in my age I’ve returned your way.May I with you sit for a while as we wait the end of day? Much is there to share of our era that’s soon to end. It was a miracle today that I find you sitting here my friend. For sure some time ago I thought […]

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Here again

Gathering courage from your pain.I’m here again, looking for blessings not this curse. Healing as you are, in Christ I trust. But, I’m here again about to go bust. Negotiating with my soul, for yours I’d give it all. Yes, I’m here again, bloodied by these battles. They never you seem to rattle, but me, […]

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Oh friend

Oh my friend of you I’ve dreamed.Of rushing streams and mountain flowers. These fields we’ve covered, the nights near fires we hovered. Of passions powers to forget the hours. These are the dreams at the end it seems. Living each step through your pains I coward. False face of happiness on you I showered. Unable […]

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Vivid dreams

So vivid comes this dream that shaking I awaken.Walking from my bed in a sweat as I seek the nights vision. Words tumbling from my heart fill pages with wonder and fear. Fear for the feelings I cannot explain yet the reasons are the same. In my night come these thoughts of a life I’ve […]

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I traveled here 

I traveled here to tell you of a friend. Her life ended, so suddenly.  But when I arrived, I found she was not gone. In the walks around her home. In the faces as I roamed. Her voice fills my heart and head. How then can you write an obituary about one who’s not gone. When […]

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Happy birthday

Again your birthday arrives, with songs and well wishes. Absent are these from your ears, That from afar seek to be so near. For a moment be still,  in that silent peace, hear my hearts song. Longing to share your joy, Your hopes, your dreams. For now, Prayers, for your celebration, Contain my desires for your […]

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