Here again

Gathering courage from your pain.I’m here again, looking for blessings not this curse.

Healing as you are, in Christ I trust.

But, I’m here again about to go bust.

Negotiating with my soul, for yours I’d give it all.

Yes, I’m here again, bloodied by these battles.

They never you seem to rattle, but me, my wounds tattle.

Again, I’m here again, on my knees to Christ entreat.

Healing as you are, only God can truly see your scar.

But I know, I’m here again, reaching up for hope.

I’m here again, seeking peace to fall on us like rain.

Taking away future pains, leaving you healed again.

And, again, I’m here, escaping this dogged fear.

Could I, should I, loose you, I would in spirit die.

Again I’m here, praying us through anguish Christ will us steer.

Simply put, it’s me again, waiting and wanting to cheer.

W.A.Manning ©2017


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