Vivid dreams

So vivid comes this dream that shaking I awaken.Walking from my bed in a sweat as I seek the nights vision.

Words tumbling from my heart fill pages with wonder and fear.

Fear for the feelings I cannot explain yet the reasons are the same.

In my night come these thoughts of a life I’ve not brought.

Never could I have known these that come wandering in my sleep.

Their thoughts filling my slumbering mind leaving me struggling, I wine.

Why me lord, then another strain my groggy mind retains.

Springing from my chamber leaving sleep in anger.

Stumbling for the place to write nights last trace.

I gather each thought, fleeting with mornings gathering report.

Quickly typing each memory here, hoping to recall them all.

Faithful to the last, I didn’t linger in the bed.

For each word is here on this page, that gathered in my head.

My heart no longer struggles, as once more the covers I ruffle.

Looking at the scene of the crime, this chamber of thoughts not mine.

Eyes now closed, as slumbering feet over new images goes.

Keeping the tablet by my bed, I know this one to will be read.



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