I’ll pay

Hungry grows what lies within.Restraining wants and desires,

 only increases the need.

My very body shakes,

At demands I can no longer restrain.

Price I’ll pay for this day,

Will long remind how I fulfilled the need.

Suddenly, accelerating.

Mass equals MC-squared, 

Physics of speed I cannot heed.

Every fiber of this form,

Pressed by the force into my chest.

Still my feet press for more,

Till my hands caress the wheel.

Slowing as the memory I seal.

As suddenly as it began, this

Time marked, by red and blue lights, 

it ends.

Sorrow flows from my lips.

As they curl into a wily smile.

How fast was I going did you say,

I’ll long pay for this day.

W.A.Manning ©2017

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