Baron hotel Aleppo 

Gleaming eyes filled with memories illuminated your stories of before.As your words walked me through passionate times and painful realities,  your voice never wavers.  These feet, covered in wars dust,  step gingerly through your crumbling memories. Huge cedar doors hang tattered  and shattered from lentils of your families hotel. Generations welcomed weary, famous  and infamous […]

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Still a beacon to the world

Last year. Last year, with friends I traveled to Africa. There I met a people so filled with hope and faith I was jealous. Then they began to ask me about America. About a land filled with opportunity. A place where a man or woman could overcome his or her failings and become something more […]

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Please stay

Saddened but enrichedThis walk with you as leader Failures grew into success Working with the best. Lead from the front Pulling us into the lead. Regardless who comes along Of you I will sing this song So glad I know you today Please, Say you’ll stay WAM

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In the words of Birthday pearls                You are the dream… Walking wit and wisdom                 Smiling for all to see… Another would lament this day                 Seizing it you say… I beat you again, […]

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