Forgotten in this trial

Forgotten in this trial are those walking the longest mile Burdened by doubt’s fear overcoming them, alone in a crowd Who gathers these to their heart offering hope and a new start Wanderers in this family of love seeking life from above Casting wide these arms of faith winning souls for heaven’s sake Can you […]

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Leaning on your

Leaning on your willing hands seeing your greatest plans Open to the greatest trial wanting to walk with you each miles Volunteering to die so I should not have too I cry Everyone knows your name love unquenchable WAM

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Hello, unable to escape

Hello Unable to escape this role I return Never having sought this post At least not knowingly accepting such a burden Assuming now this trial from my host I thank you An isle and loving words my guide Under the flood once I plunged Seeking now with your will to rise Grasping with fleshly fist […]

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Hello, on a nights sleep

Hello On a nights sleep I’ve returned to you Here between nights anxieties days realities Seeking your hands to untrouble this heart and hers too Kneeling knowing each want and need sought in praying communities I thank you In self absorbed wants Seldom seeing them as true Devils taunts Bent on relieving her needs in […]

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Hello, hungry for answers

Hello Hungry for answers I’ve returned Belittled by life’s demeaning events Resistant to releasing my burdens Grasping at her needs prayers sent I thank you Pity fills this heart For her for me from the start Nearing an end to this cancer journey Tests and trials hammering us continually I thank you Swimming up angry […]

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