Life’s question

A question began the conversation that resulted in this quest. “How long shall one live with out living in strife?” Pondering an answer that won’t sound absurd while reflecting on the inquisitors reasons for opening my mind, his answers in the question I surmised. Is it truly living, without some strife? Unchallenged vessels rarely withstand […]

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Well rounded

Rubbered souls colliding on grave led roads, breath in short demanding bursts, another dash through miring streets replete with welcome sweating, aching this morning I greet. In a world fast foods driven, a slow process begins too regain this body within. Six are the miles in a week thus far pounded, tomorrow two more and […]

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Ode to Big Tex

Up stretched hands lifted to welcome you in, a booming voice from a man within, Tex’s Big greeting a fair for you begins. Morning fare with gentle winds a wisp of smoke a cry of alarm, nothing left but frames and sleeved arms, hands up turned to welcome you in… Hawkers their voices stilled, gawk […]

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Forty passing for fifty

In this night which comes but once a year, slumber will overtake a forty nine year old and release him at fifty. One day in a life is measured in the achievements of the hands. Two days in a life comes with wishes and takes stands. As days grow into weeks, years caring fears fulfilling […]

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50 minutes

As the minutes in an hour so pass the years of a life… Nearing fifty, closing on the first hour I strive… Seeing each passing year in the memories eyes… Weighing the good with the bad, grows a sigh… Trembling rewards spent on fruitless pieces of pie… Could we each then see, the hopes that […]

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Falls glowing

Fairy like lames dancing to a crackling chorus fill nights cold with relief. Long past fingers of trees feed a growing symphony popping brighter, filling our sight… Gold and amber waves sweep along charred glowing flanks… Falling bright neon pieces litter the simmering grey castaways, consumed and lifeless… Greens of summer now fall’s rewarding hues […]

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A new start

Late in arriving at an evolving banquet of life, humanity thrive on anger and strife. Quickly come her achievements so bold as blades swing into missiles for gold. A flicker and a flash and all but few are smashed, up from ashes new life is cast. Water once stilled a planet quite bold, flames soon […]

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