Life’s question

A question began the conversation that resulted in this quest. “How long shall one live with out living in strife?”
Pondering an answer that won’t sound absurd while reflecting on the inquisitors reasons for opening my mind, his answers in the question I surmised.
Is it truly living, without some strife?
Unchallenged vessels rarely withstand heavy burdens; am I right?
Then what opposition builds greater than strife?
Can you exist without it in your life.
A moment it occurs to me now. Provoked by this question, in a tranquil mind it is absurd. The question is answered in its own words.
With out strife is life longer lived?
As for me, I’ll fight for what’s right. Challenge the established who deny me this right.
Life is more worth living when helping the weak to fight.
Yes, this quest on a question is begun. What is your answer, will you stand with life or run?

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