Roaring punch that shakes the ground, heaving earth all around…. Thudding call of distant guns, reveille sounding for fallen friends, a somber chord that never ends.. Painful each memories return, loss, hurt in fear hearts burn yet there as we’re taught, still  each fought… Earning victories amid the loss, no matter what, this is freedoms […]

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Memorial day 2012

Before the sun finds its way, before the prayers fulfill this day, there stand they, those long ago gone… Across a growing crimson horizon, silhouetted for eternity they remain, as freedoms guard vigilant, unchanged… Their numbers ever growing, for the wars each generation is sowing, yet still they, there remain… Remember those whose lives here […]

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Red white and blue

Greying locks struggling from under a weathered cover, deeply lined cheeks damp with memories tears. Before flapping red and white stripes, focused on stars holding a blue field. Fifty they now are, but when he them wore but forty eight filled the space. Fewer than when home they returned, tired their second war nearly won. […]

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Miracle minute

Watching a mothers hunger for her child’s future unconsumed. Miraculous life begun in cancers strife this little one still here fights. Passing as minutes in faiths prayer born seconds breath continues with hopes eternal clock. Could ever we understand the lives in these tiny hands are yours, mine and ours. As each additional second grants […]

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Still in this mind swirl the words learned while in desked rooms… Boards filled with needs and seeds of futures yet realized.. Fears felled with knowledge, hopes kindled with praise… Long remembered those who dared as teachers for me to care… Thank you.. for being there… WAM

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New Blood

Well seated between the chorus and dialogue, resting while labors tire the actors so.. Breathing heated retorts between refrains, casting shadows with words crimson stained… There before calling the name stands the victors claim, between justice and grace the pain… Slipping along well versed in chaos’ strains, sifting through wants of those quite plain.. Ripping […]

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Alongside in a momentary static vehicle angry eyes peer to a point between mine. Raising a right hand in a pistol gesture, firing hates invisible blast from an overused middle finger… Suddenly speeding away, nearly slicing a side mirror from a slower Jetta…anger is gone. Hot on the heals of a fresh hapless victim unaware […]

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