Hello alone in turmoil

Hello Alone in turmoil I return Groveling for what I Cannot earn Yearning for pain free hours Knowing it is possible with your power Sinking Despair riddles my heart Rendering my prayers mute from the start Then I thank you Words fill my soul Gathering force ready to take toll On the cancer that torments […]

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Once I knew a man

Once I knew a man who’s life filled with wonder so grand. Living between sheets and conquests. Looking for ways to other men best. Hard and hansom driven by fate. Unable his desires to sate. Once I knew a man who’s life filled with wonders so grand. Capturing maidens from Dragons for his bed. Slaying […]

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Hello, enveloped by hope

Hello Enveloped by hope I return Understanding better her turn Seeing her carriage of this trial Adjusting to chaos with a smile I thank you Pride falls first Daily challenges fill a growing list Tears for her every pain Faith from you is our gain I thank you Wildfire on the morrow returns Seeking cancer […]

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One word

Are there in your world words you cannot hide? Do they come from the heart or simply live on your lips? While others struggles with infuriating clips. You single out those closest to you with torpedoing slips. Regardless your intent in friendship you must fail. At a time when hearts struggle with pain quit real. […]

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Hello, between want and need

Hello Between want and need kneeling I’ve returned Demands on this heart are great Seeking wants for her sake Asking forgiveness I’ve not earned I thank you Wildfires next infusion grows near With it her anxiety shows In her words her wants and fears Not so strong as before still seeing her through these tears […]

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Hello, roaring darkness returns me

Hello Roaring darkness returns me to you Thudding realities crashing in this night Surrounding this tremoring soul Shuttered between deepening shadows Pained by her fright Relief in a single light Stronger with her words Growing in my sight Shedding fears impending doom Pealing damp muster curtains of fear Exposing hope in this room I thank […]

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Hello, grappling among briars

Hello Grappling among briars I return Snared in unending trials Glaring at frustrations crown I fall down Kneeling Now prostrate before Before this throne Seeking Only blessings Tempered by these tribulations Ravaged by self doubt I thank you Gathering storms fearfully approaching Still standing With you as my shield Becoming the man I should be […]

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Frayed strands

Frayed strands of time, Lifting on unseen eddies Tumbling fragments dislodging elements Quarks at a time Initiating Termination of sustainable existence Humanities epoch defined by its demise Simple declination of living values Fostered by jealous desires Want out weighs means WAM

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Hello, freedoms call returns me

Hello Freedoms call returns me to you Kneeling in hope Released from frustrations grip Sipping loves sweet nectar Waiting for wildfires return Her words yearn To exercise what was lost Tastes of delicacies Breaths without struggle I thank you She sings of redemption Release from the pain Sings of renewal Her spirit soars again Friends […]

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