Hello, striding between her healing

Hello Striding between her healing and my own, it’s me again Little victories over human diseases Hers over caustic cancer treatments Together we gain insight into your will I thank you Yesterday falls fast to today’s torments Yearning for time before cancers arrival Yielding to the lessons after cancers departure Yesterday is not as hopeful […]

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hello determined to succeed

Hello determined to succeed for her sake I return to you browbeaten by failures demands subjugated to a weak human form humbled and kneeling i seek your will I thank you One person cannot much longer endure these slings and arrows of anger and frustration bent on depriving hope from a faithful soul Sin ravages […]

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For to long

For to long in silence has this rested For men the grateful will be tested Women find the hearts of many denied Wanting for hope each has died Tempting tongues to share a faith Evil laughs in their face Knowing the will peace we feel No hate our hope can kill We will not in […]

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Seeing through blood red stains Tasting anger spilling from these veins What manner of man calls down hate like rain How can I live with such pain Walking away from this confusion Why do you laugh is this amusing Your next smile will be a heavenly reunion First you take form us our peace if […]

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Longing for the silence

Longing for the shared silence of a mountain stream. Toes sifting sands in the cold swirling waters fighting off the chill. Hands held steadying each other in a walk of self exploration. Seeking in each other’s eyes reassuring hope in a world of lies. Words of praise and songs of hope helping us with life’s […]

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Hues of Unity

stepping between stones cast from others at me an you. hearing what they say about others hues, what are we to do. in a nation born of differences simple minds raise up fences. all they see are the hues of skin or religion not the hearts of men and women. ebony fingers entwined with golden […]

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hello, tumbling from bed

Hello Tumbling from bed with fevered thoughts in my head I return to you Coughing up a weeks frustration in a single evening there slumbering beside me my life my love peaceful in the night after a day of struggle I thank you No real rest for the weary it is said but here in […]

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Hello in this night of hope

Hello In this night of hope I return to you Growing from the first hours we learned of the cancer Together we forged with you a promise Taking all we humanly can and let the spirit take the rest I thank you So little could these bodies accept Pain from injection to surgery we could […]

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Forgetting the pain which

Forgetting the pain which in this life falls like rain. Forgetting the frustration which beats down success. Forgetting the fear which fills this life with unrest. Forgetting the hate which others harbor for me so great. Forgetting the reasons failure clings so tight to my fate. Forgetting the things others said I could never do. […]

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