Forgotten dreams, not

Once before I knew what I wanted to do.When skies filled with marvelous winged things.

Where tree branches bent like bows carrying invisible arrows.

To walk the surface of untrod worlds and see home from beyond the horizon.

Yesterday filled with all my tomorrows till they became today.

Failures and fixes, burst dreams in realities paradoxical tweens.

Perched and pinched between needs and wants, overwhelmed by desires.

Crying for more of what was forgotten than what has been gotten.

Others see a bent and burnt old man, I think of many thinks to do, still I can.

Buckle up your harness, ready your mind for a hands free ride.

Past fifty life begins, building my starship rocket and other things.

Say a prayer, hang on tight, my dreams are more alive now than any time in my life.

Ready, let’s go, get on with the show and follow me, I know where to go, not how to get there.


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