Memorial liberty

Granting liberties pass, to each generation from the last. To home return, as lingering memories in your heart burn. For Fallen souls, unforgettable roles, trembling, tearfully some fold. Here you stand, as a stone for those left in foreign lands. We thank you, again, for you and each who for us took a stand. Rest […]

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Did it hurt, the initial flames from your plan? Did it hurt, the nails driven through your skin? Did it hurt, the steel balls drive into your skull? Did it hurt, the flesh melting from your face? Did it hurt, that last caustic breath you took? Did it hurt, when you slammed into that child? […]

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Between yesterday and tomorrow I arrive.Noisily, struggling these feet shuffling,  from the hall to our room, with night bumbling. Breath of night escapes your lips,  a rising moon frames your slumbering lips. Smiling, across the room I slip to your side,  my lips, find yours, you sigh. Closely I watch as nights light fills your […]

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A lot of me I got from you

Words, lengthy and strong, elegant and breathy, right or wrong, which should I use, to eulogize you! Tempted, and restrained,  rewarding you remained, here are a few. Around each syllable bound by your living,  troubled and pained, giving and forgiving. How in a few selected verses,  I can share your ageless hopes, and curses. Inquisitive and […]

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Before anger

Amber images fill my mind as I look through the smoke of time.Before I knew anger, I knew you and was hopeful. Fear filled my waking hours till I remembered your words. Dazed and confused in this clinging jungle of sin, I asked you to come in. Endless nights on the edge of terminal fright, […]

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Chaos’ reign

Falling from my face the smile only time could erase. Fear frolics in this heart, as evil charts its course. Embers of life remain, signifying chaos’ reign. Emptied soul of life’s discourse, cowering under hates force. Suddenly too recall, the reason I’m here at all. Faith floods my veins with life, as hope re-ignites the […]

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Journalists hunt

Tethered are we journalists to truths trembling vessel,bounce between stoic jetties of mistrust, And countless tsunamis of disgust. Our Penchant for broadcasting evils hurt, Derives no pleasure for these in new’s hunt. We return for news material, to humanities troth, Pain, pestilence and grief from societies mouth froths. Messengers share of blame we accept, Though […]

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