Journalists hunt

Tethered are we journalists to truths trembling vessel,bounce between stoic jetties of mistrust,

And countless tsunamis of disgust.

Our Penchant for broadcasting evils hurt,

Derives no pleasure for these in new’s hunt.

We return for news material, to humanities troth,

Pain, pestilence and grief from societies mouth froths.

Messengers share of blame we accept,

Though not we are the reason evil is here kept.

Darkened hearts rumble about the realm,

Misdeeds and despair continue till us they overwhelm.

Shipping out for reasons shores, raising our sails in mid gale,    

Churning tides batter this noble hull with angry swells.

Well seasoned, our crew continues dignities trek,

Revealing, plots, despots and raising general heck.

Crimson trails through people’s Hells,

Leave us battered though the stories still we tell.

Forgiveness is not sought by these,

Only to redefine normality before life brings us too our knees.


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