Mindless moments

Mindless moments in a digital world Reflecting ones when only zeros return Bits bytes and packets before Nothing for memory flash and floppy too store Screen grabs attention to blogs Baud rates none as four G are galore Flip tabs untangling data encrypted from the right Fighting viruses phishing my mail Mindless moments in a […]

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Catching a moment with you

Hello Catching a moment with you Calling from nights rest Thanking you for this test Faith is cold Lifeless Without challenge Without reason to hold Faith us just a word A noun Seldom a verb Now Now with this calling Medical Pains and all We know your help is here Here in these hearts Tried […]

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Hello smiling as she laughs

Hello Smiling as she laughs I’ve returned Back to share To seek To praise Longing for more More days like this Home she’s found Calling out humors What a gracious sound She astounds Pains not masked Today’s its out laughed I thank you More times I ask Seeking more Seeing her smile Seeking a repetitious […]

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What battle are you in

Standing sign in hand Calling sins of other men Chanting hurts Showing signs What battle are you in Fighting right Fighting this night The right battle are you in Saving lives Saving souls Giving hope to those here in Standing sign in hand Calling sins of other men Chanting hurts Showing signs What battle are […]

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Here again

Tempting taunts of nights visions day brought Once in throws anxieties release sought Grasping at life while furtively to night bound Around and around in images in drowned Rummaging about slumbers attic cares abound Ragged beset by unhinged frustrations in night they hound Hounding till from all in flight I climb Climbing till my perch […]

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Hello, calling again

Hello Calling again, tonight Ringing tones of thank you’s From this heart Roaring wants crashing Crashing through this gorge of needs Sifting hopes with faiths waters Till grace sweeps Sweeps anxieties away She fears not futures revelations Only pains moments I thank you Her strength carries me As yours fills my heart Eyes filling mine […]

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Graceful words

Graceful words swirling among combatants Unheralded by caustic hearts unrelenting Persuasive ponderings languish on unhearing ears Misguided faith denies peace’s path Pulling youth from hope to despair Anger bread in ageless hate Those Willing to listen learn The rest…burn WAM

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Hello, night nears as I return

Hello Night nears as I return Kneeling in humbling thoughts Bringing praises Singing hopes Living faith Hearing her loves In prayers to your ears Her fears Fears of earthly pains Healing with heavenly rain Washing hurts away Her heart prays Mine as well I thank you Seeing her hope glowing Knowing each breaths healing Your […]

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