Graceful words

Graceful words swirling among combatants Unheralded by caustic hearts unrelenting Persuasive ponderings languish on unhearing ears Misguided faith denies peace’s path Pulling youth from hope to despair Anger bread in ageless hate Those Willing to listen learn The rest…burn WAM

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Hello, night nears as I return

Hello Night nears as I return Kneeling in humbling thoughts Bringing praises Singing hopes Living faith Hearing her loves In prayers to your ears Her fears Fears of earthly pains Healing with heavenly rain Washing hurts away Her heart prays Mine as well I thank you Seeing her hope glowing Knowing each breaths healing Your […]

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Times timid not

Tomorrow waits not for the timid. Calling to the brave as today exits Souls bound for days final round. Tomorrow waits not for the timid. Sentinels the hours and minutes march. Fleeting glimpses of yesterday fade. Tomorrow waits not for the timid Hearts humbling needs are fleeting time. Nights curtain brashly pulled before day. Tomorrow […]

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Cast on weighted walks between invisible walls Sun cracked faces with empty eyes straining for clarity Charities ring recycling failures choices Under cardboard roofs rejecting societies rain Restrained unable to conform homeless the norm Names unspoken in a world of castaway people WAM

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Hello, knee time again

Hello Knee time with me again Night welcomes me to my knees Humility Heavy Unexpected Multifaceted Intimidating Learning Individualized Timely Yours Strange how often I need it Reminded of my humanity Thank you Arrogance practiced Is unbecoming Reminded of where I’ve been With where I’m going Simple words Sown in this willing heart Unheard Till […]

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Hello, here with kiddos

Hello Here with the kiddos Loving these kids I see in them What you must see in us Bright energetic eyes Reflecting My smile My hope My dreams Laughter that heals Words filled with wonder Playful learning I thank you lord If only If only we could see this world See it with the same […]

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