Hello, returning to our conversation

Returning to our conversation
Simple needs for her
A day with less hair
Nearing its loss
We took our own steps
Follicle reduction
Before a chemical fracas
Helping her better the day
Beating what weighs on her heart
Beating it from the start
Sweetly she smiles
Others sharing her style
When it has passed
Carry this style
It will last
Simple are her needs
Distorted by a cancer needing
Needing her focus
Taking her strength
Stronger though us she
Growing every day
Kneeling here
Deeply grow prayers impressions
Returning often for her
For me
Others who need
Need your strength as well
I can tell
Many are these
Feeling cancers pain
Even though
Though it’s not found them out
Still they shout for her
For me
For themselves
Prayers of peace
Needing a cry
Never giving up
Never say yes
To cancer getting the best
I thank you
She is so string
As our Heavenly Father
Reflecting his will
All along
What measure of madness
What furrow of pain
Can take what we’ve gained
Thank you
I thank you for her
For these at your feet
I thank you
Humbly kneeling
I thank you
Oh and amen

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