Telling memories time begotten before she recalls each for an end… Tracing lives, filtered through a lens we begin…. Finding trails between worlds as voices spirit us over life’s sins… Recording images as fading faces standing as markers of hopes wins… Faithfully true to those you once knew… Chronicling faiths, fears as each frolicked in […]

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To the Moon

Soaring heights attained on flaming rockets gained… space’s curtain rend, with peace, to the moon men send… Those who seek do strive to reach above the stars they climb… Cautions futile fear for those who remain hold those aloft quite dear… Strife filled hearts a moment stilled as these another world reveal… Between wars painful […]

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Vote for me

Your vote, and why me… If you want your pockets filled at another’s expense. Vote for either on the ballot there… If you want your future controlled by others. Vote for either on the ballot there… If you want your world wrapped red in tethering tape. Vote for either on the ballot there… If you […]

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without warning

Without warning, blasting through your senses, chaos wounds the soul… Broad shoulders bearing, frustrations careless weight, only prayers fears sate… Others unheard offerings, worries crushing blow, your faith grows… Releasing pent up hate, broadcasting how some relate, penalties fulfilling fate… WAM

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Eternity sires

Forming her thought on lips damp with fine wines lingering taste, sharing her hopes with mine as we dine. Slipping aloft in cooling county breezes her longings whisper loudly to this heart beating proud. Moments amid chaos my loves lively eyes fill mine with desire. Stringing along days into weeks our faith eternity sires. Her […]

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Short biting retort caressing cracked lips as a last resort… Caustic phrases treasuring hurt released on ears unjust but well hurt… Catching self dangerously treading on hearts evil there willingly spreading… What said now you dread, these words repeatedly said… Singing, trembling , now tasting these letters, released when you knew better… Retracting, retracing returning […]

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Today’s prayer if you dare

Giving hopes faithful message in words offered in fruitful passing……. Hands held out in peaceful embraces welcoming wishful trace….today… Forgetting ancient ills demeaning none but sharing one….today… When will we wear wars wages turning tragedy to triumph…today… Today…trading angers heated glare for freedoms even welcome stare… Today…giving unexpected what was never due now a love […]

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Carry on the dreams

Rumbling, whinning and grinding shrills from distant concrete hills as night pierced by passing streams of metal, plastic and rubber, ring traffics eternal plight. Cooling breezes lift the days heat into the passing traffic of life. This darkness welcomes these aching bones home again. In her inkie embrace fears and folly away from me race. […]

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Graveside peace

We live in trying times…war, abuse, hatred, or as my grandfather use to say…down right meanness fills our lives with anguish and stress… It is why we seek something to quell life’s furious flames… … That one thing most needed by everyone….peace… To quench life’s brushfires..peace… Peace, is hard to find even in the most […]

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