For the breath that fills this chest.For the love of these I hold dearest. For the Christ who died and lives for me. For this country, freedom and liberty. For the struggles and trials. For the ones who came back. For the ones who never did. For the ability to share with you. For the […]

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In-Christian lands

In between the stones and sand grinding between tired feet and leatherThere is a piece of unabused flesh that will carry me further. Peace knows my struggling will, his blessings I always feel. Knowing this, I carry on, singing praises to Christ in song. I know his hope for me is grand, as I walk […]

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Kneeling between fear and frustration.In words of hope I call on your peace. Tenderly in desperation seeking your hope. How can I cope with out your love, I pray. Kneeling between fear and frustration. Asking for your words my heart to fill. Chilled in angers winds of want I cry. Will you see my need […]

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Is it now your turn

Is it now your turn! Streets overrun by these who would Liberty burn. Stolen dreams, festering falsehoods rending democracy it seems. Standing between reason and right, voiceless they fight. Is it now your turn! How now did you this freedom earn. Handed to you on war stained planks or in protesting ranks. Heavy grow representatives […]

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I pray

Lord, humbled, I approach your heart. Seeking peace. Asking, for hope. Grant us, your people, the wisdom. Wisdom to understand and accept. To accept today’s outcome. To embrace others and share ideas. Ideas that grow a people of shared cause. Expanding on Liberty through love. Peace, I prayerfully request. For each heart in distress. Peace for […]

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Spoke of you

Spoke of you today.Of your words. Of your ways. Told another of you. Of your passing. Of your passion. Retold your tales. Of desert games. Of pain and patience. Spoke of you today. Of your hopes. Of faith you lived. Wanted to tell you. Of memories of you. Of things I do for you. Tearful […]

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In thanks

In thanks to you I come.Having given praise for your holy name. Smiling when tears fill these eyes. Laughing when sorrows seek a sigh. In thanks to you I come. Singing in the night of your light. Calling on your name instead of the pain. Lips wiggling with a giggle. In thanks to you I […]

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On you ran

Stood by you when others withdrew.Walking glass laden paths as others laughed. Recalling the place, we first embraced. On you ran, On without this man.  Through night’s folds into evils holes. On you ran, here, still I stand. Before you knew my name still I came. When all you claimed was what others gave. Struggling […]

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Ragged hill

Before a ragged hill stood we.Devoid of hope, faith depleted you see. Under splintered shadows nails riveting our dream. Ripped from life’s abundance, berated, battered and bruised. Sins anguishing tears criss cross bloody cheeks. Unable to stand, at your feet kneeling we plead. Skies rumble and break as this beautiful soul heaven takes. Not for […]

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